VIDEO. With her camera and heart, Adèle Grand shoots a short film on the firefighters of Touques

Adèle Grand is making a short film about the firefighters at the Touques barracks.
Adèle Grand is making a short film about the firefighters at the Touques barracks. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. grinder

If most of the short films produced during the creative labs of Off Court Festival are generally fictions, some attempt to documentarylikeAdele Grand. Originally an actress, this Trouvillaise went behind the camera a few years ago, for Off-Courts and out of love for her community, which she looks at with an eye filled with humanity.

Humanity on screen

A few years ago, during her first participation as a director, Adèle Grand had brought to light Yannick and David begging in front of the Monoprix. A short film titled On the other side. “It was my first, at the time Off-Courts was on the docks so they were really on the other side,” she explains. Later, during a Kino in Caen, she followed migrants waiting, on the peninsula. In Trouville-sur-Mer again, last year she followed Erican employee of the town hall, sweeper, for the short Step by step. This year, the director with a big heart has decided to turn to those who watch over the population at all times, based a few hundred meters from the village of Off-Courts: the firefighters at the Touques barracks. “I found it interesting to go to them, in addition lately we have heard a lot about it, especially with the fires this summer. It’s a job of dedication which is difficult and which I admire enormously, ”insists the one who is also a lifeguard.

Once again, the one who likes to deal with social subjects honors people from the territory:

I don’t do it for sensationalism or voyeurism, it’s really to highlight them. Symbolically it’s even stronger when it happens during a short film festival which can have an inaccessible side. This brings a bit of reality back into the world of cinema, glitter, fiction. We are sometimes a bit in our bubble, I like to bring back a bit of reality, to see what is happening outside, sometimes right next door.

A relationship of trust

Dealing with these subjects always requires a long preparation time to build trust. “They don’t know me and they don’t know the image I’m going to portray of them, it’s normal that it takes time”, she admits, insisting on the “responsibility” incumbent on her and the scope that can have his images. “That was the case with Eric, for example. When I meet him, he tells me that there are still people talking to him about the film. He has been highlighted and he is sometimes more respected thanks to that”.

Far be it from the idea of ​​“making images like those that we see in sensational reports”. On the contrary, by leaving alone, her camera under her arm, Adèle Grand tries to create a bond, trust, and to listen, so that they can simply talk to her. “I try to highlight them cinematographically, to have a slightly out-of-frame side to try to really express something on camera”.

To discover this short film “On the alert” and learn more about the daily life of firefighters at the Touques barracks, it’s here.

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