Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary in advance of Wednesday January 25, 2023 on TF1… Bart meets Adèle, Bruno is hospitalized!

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Adam is in danger in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. Quickly read the summary in advance of Wednesday January 25 just below!

It’s time to leave for Julie in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. But one call will change everything. His father calls him because he is in bad shape. Nathan thinks he’s still drunk. Annoyed by her half-brother, Julie announces that she will not leave Sète as long as he is ill. Julie and Nathan find Bruno in the hospital. He was found unconscious on a bench. Julie is very worried about him. Also, during the previous episode, she had a day that brought him closer to his father.

For his part, Nathan minimizes the state of health of their father. He is convinced that he only wants their money. Julie, meanwhile, is convinced that he really wants to change. William Daunier needs to know if Bruno could have taken medication. Nathan then remembers taking benzodiazepines to quit drinking. The doctor thinks that his condition could stick with an alcohol/medication interaction. When he wakes up, Bruno thanks Nathan for saving him. Touched to have his two children with him, Bruno thanks them. Julie takes the opportunity to announce some good news. She was able to change the location of her internship and she will be able to do so at Saint-Clair Hospital. Nathan blames the blow.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us episode of January 25

Sara and Roxane go on a mission in your favorite series. The two young women investigate Adele so that Bart does not find himself face to face with a psychopath. They start looking for the grave of the mysterious stranger’s husband. They learn that the deceased husband was called Teddy Fournier and that he died at 22 years old. Roxane and Sara inform Bart who is touched by their help. A little later, the couple informs Bart that Teddy Fournier would have died of a motorcycle accident, according to an article. Adele was with him, but only she survived. Bart then understands the guilt she was talking about in her letters. Bart decides to go to the cemetery to wait for Adèle. After two hours, he sees a pretty blonde. The latter is paralyzed when she sees him and runs away. Bart has just met Adèle.

mysterious letters

After his fall the day before, Adam is still hospitalized. The young man has a head injury. Lisa goes to his bedside to question him. Unfortunately, the teenager only remembers an electric shock in the back. François cannot describe the aggressor, because he was wearing a balaclava… Dispatched to the scene, Nordine and Mélanie make the first observations. The thief only stole the famous file, but not Charlie’s wallet, which was prominently displayed on the table. Adam is convinced that there is a link between the threats and the theft of the documents. Francis agrees. Since he’s been digging into his dad’s past, he seems to be bothering someone…

Stéphane Novais, a former soldier from the same regiment as Alain Lehaut is questioned at the police station. He confides that Alain seemed very depressed when he returned from Bosnia. However, he has never heard of a mistress. For his part, Nordine makes an astounding discovery in Tomorrow Belongs to Us! The policeman finds love letters in a cushion belonging to François’ mother. These are letters sent to Alain from Muriel.

The mistress asks him to leave wife and children, but Alain writes that he cannot bring himself to do so. The police discover a photo of the two lovers with Stéphane Novais. So he lied to them. On the way back, François is right in front of a man standing in the middle of the road. He is sure it is his father. But it is only a stranger… François is upset.

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