singer explains that everyone gets her name wrong

Adele fans are now asked to respect the North London English pronunciation of ‘uh-dell’ rather than ‘ah-dell’. Niklas HALLE’N / AFP

American, English, French perhaps? How should you pronounce the name of the star with tens of millions of albums? The interested party split a comment on the question.

There are artists with unpronounceable names like Matthew McConaughey or Shia LaBeouf, to the point that they themselves sometimes laugh at the difficulties of their interlocutors in calling them correctly. There are those who choose hermetic names (Prince, at the end of his career, was called Love Symbol) or who change them according to their desires; remember Héloïse Adélaïde Letissier, who broke through under the name of Christine and the Queens, signed a second album under that of Chris and now calls herself Redcar. And then there are those for whom, a priori, we do not know of any problem. One could think of Adele, for example, multi-award-winning star and internationally renowned.

Well, when it came to Adele, we were wrong. In a Q&A with fans in Los Angeles, the world’s number one singer announced that pretty much everyone has been pronouncing her name wrong for years. Unfortunate.

The clarification came after a question posed by a fan who pronounced her name perfectly. Not A-dele, as any Frenchman would do, or American-style Ah-dale. But well Uh-dele. “I love that, launched the 34-year-old singer when she heard her interlocutor, also English. She said my name perfectly!“To the point of imagining that the young woman came from Enfield, a borough in north London near Tottenham where the singer was born and spent the first years of her life.

Her first name is not the only coquetry of the singer. To pursue a career, she quickly decided to give up her surname, Adkins, which is that of her mother who divorced her Welsh father when she was still a child. Considered too dull, the interpreter of Someone Like You swears by his first name alone. “I could never have used my last name, she told beauty influencer NikkieTutorials in December. Adele Adkins does not have the same cachet as Adele.» .

The singer announced at the end of October a break in her career to resume studies. It is towards English literature that she wishes to turn. Her career took off when she was 19. And now she regrets not going to university. “I really feel like I use my passion for English literature in what I do. But even if I’m not going to look for a job with this degree, I would have liked to have this university experience, ” she explains. Before returning to school, the 34-year-old singer will perform her twelve-week residency in Las Vegas, which begins on November 18.

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