Shakira who settles his account, Kosmos who loses the Davis Cup: double loss for Gerard Pique

Bad luck for Gerard Piqué, who took 24 hours ahead of the bad luck that a Friday the 13th could have brought him. Less than five years after signing his partnership with his sports event production company Kosmos, the Federation Tennis International (ITF) has decided to put an end to it and regain control over the organization of the Davis Cup. This, the same day – this Thursday, January 12 – that the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira sent social networks into a frenzy after the publication of an artistically very effective song, Pa tipos como tu (“For guys like you”), with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, in which she settles accounts with her ex-Barcelonian, former footballer and unfaithful lover.

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“It’s definitely a day to forget for Gerard Pique,” confirms the Colombian site And ‘the end of a slump, says The Team, which had lasted since August 2018 and the radical reform of the Davis Cup voted by 71% by the general assembly of the International Tennis Federation, in Orlando (Florida). The contract that bound (for 25 years) the ITF to the Kosmos group […] was broken.” Rupture #1.

“A Rolex against a Casio”

Breakup number two is certainly of a different kind, but it appears just as definitive. In her song, “if she never pronounces the name of Pique, the one who is accused of tax evasion does everything so that we know who she is talking about”. And Shakira “doesn’t go with the back of the spoon”, writes 20 minutes: “I don’t want any more disappointments. You think you’re a champion, but when I needed you, you showed me your worst version. A wolf like me is not made for beginners. A wolf like me is not made for guys like you […] You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio.

The pathetic Casio is obviously Clara Chia, Gerard’s new girlfriend, in what is called a diss track, either a violent song (even very violent), which aims to attack a particular person. And on Twitterthe amalgam is quickly made: in almost all searches that associate the keywords “Shakira”, “Piqué” and “Kosmos”, we can read “Gracias Shakira“.

In other words: thank you for adding a layer on the Pique (to the quick), who wanted to “destroy” the spirit of the Davis Cup. “Bad news, it is said, usually comes all together,” reads the Argentine daily Clarin, while the Mexican site of Publimetro gives the floor to a famous Cuban clairvoyant, who predicts the Catalan the worst misfortunes in 2023…

However, the site believed it last fall: “For many players, who says end of career says long holidays in the sun, total relaxation and peaceful life. Others continue to work in football, taking on positions of responsibility in clubs, embarking on coaching or becoming a consultant in the media. One thing was certain, Gerard Pique’s post-football would have ‘nothing calm and quiet’.

It’s the least we can say today, in the wake of Fabrice Nocera on Facebook: “End of the Kosmos scam! It’s not just Shakira who leaves Pique! Do justice to the president [de la Fédération française de tennis] Gilles Moretton who has always been against this pseudo-Davis Cup circus!” In short, as written by Huffington Post Spanish-speaking, “few batteries will have run out as quickly as that of Gerard Piqué’s mobile phone this Thursday, January 12, 2023”.

Was that to be expected? A communication campaign had begun the publication of Shakira’s tube promised for worldwide distribution. On Monday, along the beaches of the seaside resort of Mar del Plata, in Argentina, a plane towed a banner in the sky on which was inscribed the couplet known as “the wolf”, who neither married the ex-player of the FC Barcelona – who announced their surprise retirement from sport in November – nor shared their property with him. She says she wants to leave Spain, where a tax evasion case has been opened against her. “You left me […] with the press at the door and a tax debt, you thought you were hurting me but you toughened me up, women don’t cry anymore, women send the bill”, launches the singer in a last salvo, in a tone that has changed a lot since his cover – with mastery – of a famous song by Francis Cabrel:

On the Kosmos side, it is quite easily assessed, the bill. After having ratified in August 2018 a change of formula for the Davis Cup, the ITF had entrusted for 3 billion dollars and a duration of 25 years the organization of the event (from 2019) to the group founded in 2017 with an executive of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

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