Shakira very badly: this shock discovery on Gérard Piqué and his mistress who devastates her

As you know, Shakira and Gérard Piqué are ancient history. But, even well after their breakup, the singer has just learned devastating news. Indeed, obviously the football champion would have brought his mistress back to their family home…Meanwhile, Shakira was traveling with her children…

Shakira just got some bad news about her ex-husband’s mistress

One thing is certain, that means Gerard Pique’s infidelity is well and truly confirmed and that it does not date from yesterday either… Indeed, according to information from Page Six, the sportsman would have invited Clara Chia in their family home. At that time, Shakira and he were still in a relationship and married. Besides, he didn’t do it just once, but repeatedly. Her “friend” was much more than that. Did he take advantage of each trip Shakira had with her boys to invite his mistress? As a reminder, the couple had two toddlers, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

According to reporters, Shakira was ” devastated to learn that this woman clearly felt at home in the home they shared with their children. They were still very close at that time. It’s devastating for her to learn that this affair had lasted much longer than she imagined“, can we read… Information that is never pleasant to know…

Gérard Piqué, already on the arm of his new companion

Moreover, the height of boorishness, the ex-husband of Shakira does not hesitate to appear in public with his new companion, who is 23 years old. ” Gérard and Clara have been seeing each other for months (…) They have kept silent about their relationship, but those around them all know what is going on (…) People helped him keep the romance secret and erased the accounts social networks of Clara so that people cannot find photos of her (…) Which makes his friends think that he takes this relationship seriously“explained another source to the British media, The Sun, in August 2022.

Shakira very disappointed and in shock

Shakira and Gérard Pique have officially declared their separation in June 2022 after eleven years of relationship. ” We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy.“, they had informed in a press release that they had realized together. ” We have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children (…) Our only objective is to ensure the utmost safety and protection for them, and we are convinced that their privacy will be respected.“, they said again in mid-October.

To give you more details on their agreement, Gérard Piqué will be able to see his two children 10 days a month. Of course, he will also see them during school vacation periods. Then, Shakira spoke about the fact that she was going leave Barcelona to move to Florida, in Miami, obviously with his offspring. Indeed, now that the couple is separated, there is no longer any reason for her to stay on Spanish territory…

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