Shakira furax: the singer declares war on her ex-parents-in-law, her neighbors…

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Since the beginning of last summer, things between Shakira and Gérard Pique seem to be getting worse every day. While people said they saw the couple argue violently before the summer, in June the separation becomes official. Indeed, the couple shared a press release to announce their separation. But, if it didn’t seem like it could get much worse, each passing day proves that if. The ex-couple seem to be declaring war on each otherand All shots are allowed ! We’ll explaine everything here.

The separation between Shakira and Gérard Piqué

Obviously, many people have been able to attest that things were going badly between Shakira and her husband. But in June 2022, the doubt ends, the couple officially separate. But with all the same two children in common, it remains a big decision. Finally, no turning back for them, on the contrary. While in the terms of their separations there were certain commitments, Gérard Pique ignored them.

It turns out that neither Shakira nor the footballer weren’t supposed to get back together quickly. However, this last didn’t seem to mind hooking up with a young woman in her twenties. A first decision that could annoy Shakira who she owed struggle with tax problems because of him. On top of that, her replacement has decided to provoke the Colombian on Instagram with a very scantily dressed video. So wishing to make the singer complex about her body and her age.

But obviously, the young woman forgets that Shakira remains an icon and a dream for many people. If many points surely remain open to criticism from the mother of the family, his body and physique are not. She has behind her a horde of fans that she has been able to make dream for many years to attest to it. So inevitably, in the face of so much provocation, Shakira decided to respond by doing what she does best, music.

The new music

A short time ago, Shakira therefore released new music. And Gérard Piqué and his companion seemed to be the muses. In this title named Monotonia went out with Bizarre, she addresses a few words for these two. “you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. you traded a Rolex for a Casio (…) Lots of hours at the gymbut you should also exercise your brain once in a while”. Words therefore revealing the state of Shakira vis-à-vis this story.

Moreover, Shakira’s anger does not seem ready to subside. If the fact of seeing his ex get back together so quickly after their twelve years of relationship, it remains without counting on certain rumors. It turns out that some even assume that the relationship between the football player and the young woman began before the separation.

On top of that, Shakira also seems to resent Gerard Pique’s parents. It turns out that these seem to adore their son’s new girlfriendand that does not fail to put the Colombian out of her. Especially since his house remains glued to that of his in-laws. So she decided to build a wall between them, since before the houses communicated. But obviously, she even put a witch doll pointing at her former in-laws. Obviously, in this war, everything is permitted.

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