Shakira deceived by Gerard Pique… The footballer caught with another woman? They would have separated after 12 years of love

The Web is agitated, the rumor swells. Shakira, 45, and footballer Gerard Pique, 35, are said to be in full separation after twelve years of love. In question ? The infidelities of the defender of Barça.

It all starts with the revelations of Emilio Pérez de Rozas, journalist for El Periodico, a Catalan daily. He assures that ” the Barça player and the Colombian singer are going through a sentimental crisis “. Words corroborated by two other journalists in the video podcast mamarazzibroadcast live on Wednesdays on the accounts instagram and Facebook from Journal. They reveal that Shakira would have surprised the man of her life in the arms of another woman.

These same sources already know that Gerard Pique and Shakira would live under two different roofs. Indeed, the football player would have left the family home to settle in his old apartment in Barcelona.

Since then, Gerard Piqué would fully savor his celibacy by enjoying the nightlife alongside Riqui Puig, midfielder at FC Barcelona. Neighbors would have witnessed the night outings of the footballer. He would frequently go to nightclubs and be seen surrounded by women.

Journalists also note that Shakira went to Ibiza twice last May with their children, Milan and Sasha, born in 2013 and 2015 respectively. During these stays, the footballer was absent. ” In the photos, she looked sad “recalls a journalist who now believes she knows the reason.

Another glaring proof in the eyes of journalists? Te Felicito, title released last April, fruit of the collaboration between Shakira and Rauw Alejandro. The text would take on its full meaning from the revelation of this adultery. It would be full of lyrics and messages that could echo these supposed infidelities and breakups.

Shakira and Gerad Pique are not married. The singer explained why she did not want to put the ring on her finger despite their long relationship: “Marriage scares me a lot, I don’t want him to see me as ‘THE woman’, I prefer him to see me as a girlfriend… You see? The fruit still forbidden. I want him to stay alert, I want him to think that everything is possible according to his behavior “. In 2017 already, rumors of separation taint their couple.

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A thunderbolt in the middle World Cup

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met in 2010 as part of the World Cup football which takes place in South Africa. Their eyes meet during the filming of the music video for WakaWaka, anthem of the event performed by the singer. Both are in a relationship. Shakira has shared the life of Antonio de la Rùa, son of the former Argentine president to whom she is engaged, for 10 years. Gerard Piqué is in a relationship with Spanish actress Núria Tomás. Nevertheless, the footballer falls in love with the Colombian, 10 years his senior.

Later, they return to their meeting: It was crazy, I had to dance!! “, remembers the sportsman while Shakira continues:” I saw it on the video and thought it was cute. Someone introduced us! “. He’s 23, she’s 33. He ends up asking her for her number.

Years later, at the microphone of TV3Gerard Piqué reveals the content of the first text message he sent to the singer: “The first time I met Shakira was in Madrid on the set of the ‘Waka Waka’ music video for the 2010 World Cup. I asked her for her number. She arrived in South Africa before my team and me because she sang for the opening ceremony. I texted him to find out what the weather was like as we were arriving a few days later. Normally, when you send such a trivial question, you get a response like: “It’s cold, take a coat“, but she had written a long paragraph, with details of the temperature changes during the day. I thought to myself: “Jesus, this is not normal“.

When World Cup 2014 football tournament, Shakira said: I will never forget that I met the love of my life during the World Cup. Without the World Cup, my son Milan would not be here “.

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