Shakira: by the way, with her ex Antonio de la Rua, how did it end?

Hell contains no fury worse than a scorned woman. At 45, Shakiraback with the single BZRP Music Session #53, embodies the saying. With this revenge songthe Colombian star simply gun Gerard Piquethe father of her two sons from whom she officially separated last June, after discovered the infidelity of the footballer with a young woman of 23 years, Clara Chia Marti. Liquidation of their 12 years of love via these vindictive words: “You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingoyou swapped a Roleix for a Casio.” The mother of the ex-defender of FC Barcelona, ​​Montserrat Bernabeu, does not escape the anger of the one whose kicks do not lie more than her hips.

While she also blames her ex for having her “left a mother-in-law for a neighbour, the press on (her) doorstep and the taxman on his heels in her new title, Shakira, actually a neighbor of the Monsterrat Bernabeu in Barcelona, ​​​​installed a witch on her balcony to scare his ex-mother-in-law. Gerard Pique would have better to inquire with Antonio de la Rua, the previous companion of the singeralso doomed to loathing after their breakup.

Shakira and Antonio de la Rua, in Barcelona, ​​in June 2010, shortly before their breakup, after 10 years of love.
© KADENA PRESS / BESTIMAGEShakira and Antonio de la Rua, in Barcelona, ​​in June 2010, shortly before their breakup, after 10 years of love.

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After their breakup in 2010, Antonio de la Rua claims nearly 100 million euros from Shakira

Shakira was 23 when she met this son of the former Argentine president, Fernando de la Rua, in 2000. She has been a star in Colombia for ten years. As a child, she was diagnosed as hyperactive. She is the daughter of a jeweler. She dreams of becoming the new diamond of world pop. Antonio was quick to seduce her with his dark gaze and sparkling pedigree. A lawyer by training and unofficial director of his father’s presidential campaign in 1999, he knows how to advise Shakira, becomes as much her manager as her lover, going so far as to negotiate the exclusive contract of the singer with the turner Live Nation. Check for 70 million euros for the couple. Lovers mostly become business partnersover the years. In August 2010, they announced their friendly separation.

Antonio de la Rua remains one of Shakira’s legal advisers until 2012. Until he asks him for compensation for his advice given on the pillow and never paid, over the past decade. Damage estimated at nearly 100 million euros, all the same. The exes find themselves in court, which dismisses the lawyer. GoodbyeAntonio.

In 2019, however, Shakira sends her condolences to her ex, after the death of Fernando de la Rua. Bad moment for the son of the former president. In 2018, he separated from the one who had replaced Shakira: another Colombian, the Djette Daniela Ramos, with whom he had two children. The words of Shakira, then in full happiness with Gerard Pique, barely comfort him. The misfortune of some making the happiness of others, Antonio de la Rua would have resumed contact with the bomba latina, last summer. Asked about the rumor by journalist Karina Lavicoli last October, the lawyer did not confirm or deny. Perhaps more careful…


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