Sexual violence: is Beyoncé really investigating her collaborators?

Diva of pop, queen of records. his album Renaissance, released on July 29, 2022, thrones in the first place of the mythical classification Billboard 200 and achieves the biggest launch of the year, all female artists combined.

“#MeToo checks”

During the preparation of this album, Beyoncé looked at the past and the present of each of her collaborators – producers, musicians … -, said a source close to the artist to the British media The SunJuly 5, 2022.

It thus sends a strong message to the entertainment industry, after the convictions of singer R. Kelly and producer Harvey Weinstein. She wants to lead by example.

The one nicknamed “Queen B” would refuse to work with anyone who has been accused of sexual violence. She would have even canceled the participation of two famous rappers on this last album, suspected of sexual assault and harassment. The identity of these famous men has not been revealed.

Whether the facts are proven or not, the interpreter of Single Ladies would have no tolerance for accusations or even rumours: “She is thus sending a strong message to the entertainment industry, after the convictions of singer R. Kelly [30 ans de prison pour l’exploitation sexuelle de mineures, ndlr] and producer Harvey Weinstein [emprisonné pour viols et agressions sexuels, l’affaire, révélée par le New York Times en 2017, a permis l’éclosion du mouvement #MeToo, ndlr]. She wants to lead by example.”

According to the informant of The Sun, Beyoncé’s team “does #MeToo checks” for each person. At the risk of “annoying some people but she doesn’t care”, he continues.

“Beyoncé is a leader in her business and she wants to show that no form of abuse should be normalized, he explains again. That’s why her new album will be about the strength of women.”

Beyoncé, marked by the Detail affair

always according to The Sunit was the conviction of music producer Noel Fisher, nicknamed “Detail”, and the #MeToo movement that would have pushed her to investigate his collaborators.

As a reminder, on August 5, 2020, Noel Fisher, who co-wrote his famous title Drunk in Love (2015) was arrested in Los Angeles, after 15 counts of sexual assault and five felony assault charges.

In May 2018, two female artists, Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley, denounced the producer for rape, but also psychological and physical violence.

According to the legal documents consulted at the time by TMZ, singer Kristina Buch claims Detail raped her after a recording session in Miami. He also allegedly beat her and forced her to have sex with him in front of other people.

Peyton Ackley accuses the man of having made her and Kristina Buch his sex slaves. Between 2010 and 2018, several acts of violence were held against him, and other artists, such as Jessie Reyez, Bebe Rexha or Tinashe, also denounced his actions.

Canadian singer and lyricist Jessie Reyez tweeted in 2018, “One night over 6 years ago, Noel ‘Detail’ Fisher tried this on me. I got lucky and walked out before I get there.” And confesses to not having known what to say and to having been “scared”, reports Billboard.

A scary night that inspired her single Gatekeeper (2017), as she explains on her Instagram account. In this piece, Jessie Reyez says that on several occasions, producers made sexual advances to her in exchange for fame.

Today, Noel Fisher is being held on $6.3 million bail. He denies the facts.

Like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga was marked by the fact of having collaborated with an artist now condemned: R. Kelly, on the title Do What U Want (2013). In 2019, the singer that she had not paid enough attention to the accusations of harassment and sexual assault required against the American. She apologized on Twitter and said to support anyone who “has ever been the victim of sexual assault”, saying never to work with him again.

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