radiant in this black dress, the singer beams with happiness in Las Vegas

Weekends with Adele is the 2023 event for the British singer. The concept, a series of concerts at Vegas in the prestigious palace, The Colosseum, Ceasers Palace. For his ninth concert, Adele sported a sensational outfit that made sensation with the public, and now dazzles Internet users.

Adele, “I’m obsessed with him”

Divorced from Simon Konecki in 2021 with whom she had a son named AngeloAdele recently found love in the arms of the American sportsman RichPaul. A real thunderbolt for the singer who declared: “ I’ve never been in love like I am now. I am obsessed with him. I definitely want children from him“. Already the mother of a little boy, Adele finds a balance between his personal life and his professional life: I am a housewife and I am a matriarch. A stable life helps me with the music“. A mom more dazzling than ever! Discover the look is sensationall sported by Adele during her concert in Vegas.

English class and elegance

Very faithful to his artistic convictions, Adele organizes its concerts according to its public. Its goal, create a bubble of intimacy so that fans can fully immerse themselves for a few hours. For his concert series at Vegasthe singer has staged his show from one of his sketchin order to create a form of intimacy which was missing during the dress rehearsal. Adele recently said: I want to tell my story, from the beginning of my career until now. I don’t want to say too much for now, but it’s taking shape. It’s all about the music, and it’s very, very nostalgic. It’s gonna be really gorgeous“.

Adele posted some snaps from her concert at Colosseumand caused a sensation in a sumptuous dress. Her outfit, made from sustainable viscose made of wood pulpis drawn by crystal outlines, with a heart-shaped neckline. A dress that perfectly highlights her figure. crystalsglamorous detail, were created with lead free glass, lined with silver plated and applied by hand. A sumptuous dress, and above all, respectful of the planet. Very natural and sublime, Adele opted for a simple hairstyle but perfectly accompanying her outfit, a wavy blow-dry.

She’s the stylist Stella McCartney who made Adele’s dress. Totally fan and admiring of the singer, the designer wanted to pay her a very nice tribute through this outfit: “ I wanted to celebrate Adele… and her amazing body! We studied its shapes and contours and created a silhouette simple and powerful – give a touch of glamour Las Vegas with crystals, all created by hand in my studio in London“. Flawless for Stella McCartney which demonstrates, once again, his considerable talent.

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Adele, “My body has been objected”

In 2019, Adele impressed the world by unveiling its weightloss considerable 45 kg. While many fans congratulated him for this change, others however expressed their disappointment. Indeed, many people viewed Adele as a model for overweight women and men. The fact that the singer lost so much weight made resurrect the complexes of some. However, the artist declared that he had not undertaken a diet compared to its appearance, but above all for his health.

Faced with these disappointments and criticisms, Adele wanted to react. Here are his comments collected in the magazine female : “ I’m not surprised, because my body has been objectified throughout my career. I’m either too fat or too thin. Either I’m sexy or I’m not. But it’s not up to me to manage the relationship people have with their own bodies. It pains me if my weight loss has made some people feel bad about their bodies, but it’s not my job to deal with that. I’m already trying to manage my own life. I can’t add another worry“. One thing is for sure, Adele keeps this sex appeal And this charisma incomparable on stage.

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