Pique trolls Shakira with a Twingo

Gerard Pique and Shakira separated, following the footballer’s infidelities. Even though they asked the media to respect their privacy and the stability of their children, the singer still decided towrite a song that talks about her ex-husband, without jargon. The success was immediate and the title already accounts for more than 100 million views. Pique’s response was not long in coming. He allowed himself to be ironic about the words of his ex-wife who said: “You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo and a Rolex for a Casio”. Result: Pique appeared in public with a Twingo… and a Casio. Like kids!

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Diss Track

Like the clashes between rappers**, Shakira took the step of writing a diss track**, these songs supposed to destroy the reputation of enemies. Except that she does it for her ex-husband, to talk about infidelity, low-cost car and unlisted watches. We are far from 2Pac or Eminem… Like a young couple in the midst of a battle of egos or in search of reconciliationthe two stars send interposed attacks.

Gerard, visibly stung by Shakira’s words (sorry for the valve), decided to answer her in his own way. For his arrival on the grounds of his new league, he chose to release his brand new racing car: a Renault Twingo. Proof that he fully assumes his mistakes. But frankly, in these kinds of situations, wouldn’t it be better to play it low?

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A story of jam

As if that weren’t enough, the clash of the two former lovebirds is not the only funny anecdote about them. Many don’t know it, but Gerard Pique’s infidelities could have gone unnoticed if he had been careful with… the jam. Yes yes it is thanks to jars of marmalade Shakira found out she was a cuckold.

To be more precise, the interpreter of WakaWaka started asking questions when she saw the jars of marmalade being emptied at high speed, even though she wasn’t consuming any. By dint of making films, she preferred hire the services of a detective. The latter confirmed his worst-case scenarios: Gerard Pique is cheating on her with another woman, in the family home. And in addition, he serves her slices of jam… No, but oh? !

Moral of the story: next time, remember to bring back your little “Bonne Maman” pots.

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