Paris Hilton has a surprise baby; Charlene of Monaco buys gold toilets, Laetitia Hallyday marries herself; Harvard recruits Kim Kardashian; Beyonce is expensive in Dubai, Denis Brogniart in Here; Celine Dion worries about René-Charles

This week, happiness, dishonor, fear or motor, money does everything on the planet People

Laetitia Hallyday, with water and dry bread turns into a Grandma shopping cart. On the front page of Public, Johnny’s widow operates “a brutal life change” by swapping cars with driver and home deliveries for races in tracksuits. “She lost everything” informs us the title. Ruined? It’s hard to believe when the Céline wool and cashmere ensemble she’s wearing in the photos is worth more than 2000 euros. Wouldn’t Laetitia actually manage quite well to pay off her rocker’s debts, while providing for the children? The exhibition, the tax authorities, the house for sale, she manages!

Celine Dion’s René junior makes him see green and not ripe. For Closer, the eldest of the diva began to frequent the middle of Vegas. Addicted to poker and online gambling, he is said to have become closer in recent times to a particularly prominent family in the city of sin: he is dating a casino heiress, whose mother is chief financial officer of Caesars’ Palace . In other words, the top to negotiate debts and largesse to play again and again. Closer even insinuates that, like Brooklyn Beckham bewitched by his wife, little Dion much preferred to spend time with his beautiful family, than at his mother’s bedside. A heartbreak for Céline.

Beyonce goes to look for cash in Dubai and loses popularity points, even credibility. The diva came back on stage after 4 years of silence and she chose Dubai, with the inauguration of a luxury resort. An hour of a show well chiadé in front of an audience of VIPs, including Nabilla and Kendall Jenner, and a maousse cachet at the exit: 22 million euros. All without a single note from his new album which was dedicated to his gay uncle. Obviously, in a country where homosexuality is punishable by death, that would have been a stain. It is an understatement to say that her audience is still wondering what the fly has bitten the high priestess of political correctness and intersectionality. The money? But is this still a valid reason to put your convictions in the closet when you have 500 million in your account?

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Jennifer flopped. The Corsican singer is struggling to fill her concert halls and to avoid canceling dates purely and simply, tickets had to be sold. A failure like the very small sales of his last album which obviously did not meet his audience, leaving the top 100 of sales, only one month after its release.

Bad meeting for Pierre Palmade who almost had 4000 euros extorted by his one-night stand. Seduced by a young boy on the Internet, the actor opened his door (and his bed) to a customary thug because: Yaniss, 28, threatened to broadcast the video of their antics if he did not pay, going as far as join Véronique Sanson to increase the pressure. The investigation and the resistance lasted 6 months, and it paid off: the cute pox was unmasked and the pennies stayed warm under the mattress. Phew!

The solid gold clothes of the courts of Europe. Among the queens and princesses, there are those who recycle, who up-cycle and those who drop everything, a bit like Charlène. Point de Vue places the Princess of Monaco on the highest step of her locker room cracked podium: her bathroom budget reached 740,000 euros last year, or 11,300 euros per outfit. Far behind her, we find in second position the model Maria-Olympia of Greece, who has worn clothes for nearly 230,000 euros. And at the very bottom of the scale, there is the Queen of Spain, known for wearing her dresses several times, and regularly shopping at Zara, the textile flagship of her country. Letizia’s envelope is nearly 15 times less voluminous than in Monaco and her outfits cost her on average only “520 euros” each. Princess Kate of Gall and her best enemy Meghan Markle gravitate for their shares around 1000 euros. Between dreaming and reasoning, the cursor is difficult to place…

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Kim Kardashian also spreads her sorrel this week (but does she only live days without?): the influencer flooded her cream-designed home with pink and red balloons for her daughter Chicago’s 5th birthday. Slides and ball pool installed in the living room, Hello Kitty cookies, noodle bar and waffle stand, glitter activities: Everything was perfect!

And to recover from her emotions, the mama had well deserved to have a little fun. No, not a donut around the corner, but a crucifix carried by Lady Diana. The purple cross about ten centimeters, paved with diamonds and amethysts was won at auction for just over 180,000 euros.

PS: it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the lecture that ex-Mrs. West gave at… Harvard. The prestigious American university which counted Barack Obama, Al Gore or Natalie Portman in its ranks, had invited her to share the keys to her success during a seminar. There too, it slams, right?

Denis Brogniart takes a lot in Here. The TF1 presenter is portrayed as irascible, disrespectful and insulting in his working relationships. Several of his co-hosts, in particular, had to suffer his wrath in public: “you’re just shit just good to smile” for a hesitation on the air: that day, even Pascal Obispo present on the set had almost “smashed his face” as he had gone too far. “We are not far from moral harassment” loose an employee the chain. The toxic behavior is known, and even recognized by the interested party himself who sends his apologies “to those he may have hurt”.

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Will Jack Nicholson end up in Ehpad? The “Shining” actor is 85 years old and according to his relatives in Here, he is losing his mind. Sleeping until 4 p.m., “wandering in his house which is too big for him”, he seems to be less and less independent. Only two of his children, the two youngest aged 30 and 32 still visit him; forced or chosen retirement: he has not filmed more for 10 years. In short, it’s not the fries.

Surprise ! Paris Hilton has become a mom! The heiress, who had confided her difficulties in conceiving a child with her husband, Rum Carter, did not carry the little boy who was born by a surrogate mother. We don’t know the first name yet, but the announcement was, of course, orchestrated by the new mother on Instagram: a tiny hand squeezing a well-manicured thumb. “Welcome to Mommyhood” commented her sister, Nicky Hilton.

Pamela Anderson recounts her horrific childhood in a Netflix documentary. Raped several times in her childhood and abused by her nanny from the age of 4, she grew up convinced that she could kill people by her simple will. Indeed, at 8 years old, she had shouted her hatred at this abusive woman, wishing her death. Wish granted the very next day, in a car accident. Very heavy, which she did not end up doing badly.

The Beckhams freeze them to support their son. After the father last week, the mother in turn made an appearance in the deserted stands of a match for the bis team of a Premier League club, in which her second son, Roméo, plays. And the frail Victoria is so numb despite her turtleneck and pea coat that her husband David devotes himself to lend her his coat. It’s cute ! Gallantry may not be dead after all!

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And with that ? Buzz Aldrin marries for the fourth time: At 91, he marries a 63-year-old doctor of chemical engineering. Emma Roberts, plays like her aunt Julia, more than 30 years ago, a young first alongside… Richard Gere. Kylie Jenner’s son, who was called Wolf at birth, is actually called Aire – which in Hebrew means “Lion of God” and in Arabic … “My penis”. The former confessor of Charlene of Monaco was sentenced to 37 months in prison for possession of child pornography photos. Alec Baldwin resumes filming “Rust”, a year after accidentally killing the cinematographer and injuring the director. Aya Nakamura is single, raising her two daughters aged 6 and 1 on her own. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are shooting a new movie together, a thriller for a platform. Meet in the streets of New York to meet the hottest duo in cinema.

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