New single and new album: Adele prepares for her big comeback

Fans can’t wait any longer, but that’s it, it now seems official. In any case, the famous British singer has multiplied the clues in recent days, suggesting not only the imminent arrival of a new title, Easy On Mebut also his long-awaited 4th opus, which should indeed be called 30

You have to be patient with Adele. While some follow the albums, the singer who exploded on the international scene in 2010, with Rolling in The Deep, always took his time. As a songwriter, that’s certainly what she needs to come back time after time with records full of hits, and multiple Grammy awards. But since his third album, 25which notably gave us the mega-hit Hello, we had no more news. And it’s starting to take a long time, knowing that this one was released in 2015…

It must be said that we had a glimmer of hope at the beginning of last year, when Adele had launched – albeit unofficially at a wedding: “Expect to see my new album drop in September!“Well, here we are more than a year later, and it is clear that it has never arrived in stores. The fault of the pandemic, no doubt. But this time that’s it, everything suggests that this long-awaited 4th opus will indeed see the light of day soon.The promotional machine is in any case launched, with several clues scattered here and there, indicating that it should not take long to be formalized.

The album 30 to conquer the globe?

It started with the mysterious appearance of the number 30 in several major cities around the world a few days ago. Seeing this number projected onto the Empire State Building in New York, the Tate Modern in London, the Coliseum in Rome or even the Eiffel Tower in Paris left no doubt to the fans: it is necessarily a way of teaser his new album, which should indeed be titled 30. Because as she had done for the previous ones (19, 21, 25), the singer should once again name this opus after the age she was when she composed it…

Then, at the same time, Adele’s official website was modified, now offering only a page that invites the most curious to “register“. To what? That is the question. But our little finger tells us that by filling out this mysterious form, fans will be the first to know what the interpreter of Someone Like You. And it shouldn’t be too long since even more recently, this Tuesday, October 5, she published a little video that was more than revealing on her social networks.

A new clip signed Xavier Dolan?

This one lasts just 20 seconds and shows Adele, driving a car, inserting an old-fashioned cassette into the player to play the first notes of what will probably be her new single. While the singer also gives us her title, Easy On Me, and even its release date, October 15, this video certainly serves as an extract from the clip that will accompany this unreleased song. We recognize indeed the characteristic grain, in black and white, which had made the success of his most famous clips. In this regard, the Canadian press even believes that it is again Xavier Dolan, who had signed that of Hellowho would have shot these new images for Easy On Me

Now, you just have to wait another big week before you can listen to this new Adele song in full. As for the album 30, it is rumored to be released on November 19. Why this specific date? Because that’s when her great friend Taylor Swift originally planned to present her re-recording of Redbefore finally mysteriously changing the program… Something to suggest that the two singers would like to avoid competing with each other, they who, according to hearsay, have also signed a duet that fans hope to discover next month!

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