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Matthieu Delormeau freaks out against Beyoncé and dismantles her!

Since Beyoncé did her concert in Dubai, Matthieu Delormeau has been very angry. He pushed a rant on TPMP People!

This Saturday, January 28, Matthieu Delormeau totally let loose on the set of TPMP! He attacked Beyoncé who gave a concert in a country that does not accept homosexuality!

Matthieu Delormeau angry at Queen B

Like every Saturday, Matthieu Delormeau was the host of TPMP People. He talked about several topics that annoyed him to no end.

Indeed, he first pushed a rant against Kim Kardashian who had the chance to give a course on the Harvard campus. “I spoke to Harvard business school for a class… My partner Jens and I talked about our marketing, our challenges and our biggest wins. I’m so proud of Skims and the idea of ​​this course being at Harvard is just crazy!!! “. she said on Instagram.

Afterwards, Matthieu Delormeau attacked Beyoncé. We have to believe that the presence of Jay, the Poetic Lover and Mathilde and Olympe from The Voice did not relax the atmosphere…

The TPMP host was very angry because Beyoncé gave an exclusive concert in Qatar. For this, she therefore received a very large check. Or 24 million dollars, to sing in Dubai. Or about 22 million euros. Matthieu Delormeau can’t believe it!

Indeed, the latter claims to be a defender of the LGBTQIA + community. Yet she sang where homosexuality is considered illegal.

It is also a shock for Sébastien Tüller, responsible for LGBTQIA + issues at Amnesty France. He wrote on Twitter: “An album dedicated to his gay uncle to end up performing in Dubai, in one of the most LGBTphobic countries in the world, where homosexuality remains punishable by death”.

Matthieu Delormeau is also exhausted. Especially when he learned that Beyoncé got a really big check. Or 24 million dollars, to sing in Dubai.

An album that does not pass

On Twitter, Internet users criticize the star: “It is filthy to accept money from Qatar.” “Eminem turned down $8 million to sing at the World Cup.” But that’s not all ! Matthieu Delormeau has also been angry since the artist released an album called Renaissance.

The latter was for his uncle Johnny, who had HIV. For the host of TPMP People, Beyoncé has donatedc returned his jacket during his concert in Dubai.

Matthieu Delormeau added that he did not understand why the singer did not perform a song from this album.

Indeed, fans haven’t heard a single pro-LGBT song from her new album. Instead, she sang her famous songs. Matthieu Delormeau is exhausted.

He then recalls that “homosexuality in Qatar is a crime punishable by 10 years in prison.” Obviously, he is not the only one to be in shock.

Many Internet users validate his rant. This is not the first time that the star has found himself in such a controversy. In 2009, she gave a private concert to the Gaddafi family.

Following criticism, his manager therefore redistributed the money to an association : “All the money paid to Beyoncé for her performance […] was donated over a year ago to victims of the Haiti earthquake”. But then the question arises, will the singer donate her fee to research against HIV? Case to follow!

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