Léa (Star Academy) torpedoed after a serious insult against Beyoncé

Léa, the young woman who participates in Star Academy, the TF1 show, which is making a comeback, is charged after sending a missile against Beyoncé. She has the melon.

“Léa is clearly a stereotype who believes herself above the others, she has just pretended to say”, relayed the official Twitter of the show presented by Nikos Aliagas.

The one who manages her own optician’s shop in Paris, who dreams of a career at Celine Dion, does not seem a fan of the American star, whom she considers outdated.

“Beyoncé, she’s old and outdated,” she said to the camera.
And to the question “what is your phobia?” “, the academician replies:” ugly people “.
His remarks sparked many reactions on Twitter.
“I want to see the video mdr so much I can not believe that we can have such words”, “We understood she just wants to make a buzz to gain followers and sell Chinese products”.
One certainty, Léa is not about to be saved by her comrades, and even by the fans.

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