Léa in total diva mode at the Star Academy, teachers and Internet users amazed by her performance on Hot Stuff

This Saturday, November 12, Léa showed all the amplitude of her vocal abilities, but also of the dance, which she knew how to handle with talent on the song. HotStuff by Donna Summer.

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Last night, on the set of the star Academy, there was not only a touching tribute to Gregory Lemarchal, who died several years ago. Alongside stars of French song, including a Matt Pokora who had to face yet another sound problem in spite of himself, but also Amel Bent, some students were able to demonstrate their evolution over the past four weeks in solo paintings. . This was the case with Léa, who got everyone to agree… with a lot of humor as a bonus.

Léa, the new Beyonce?

Because if the young woman is regularly criticized for her misunderstandings, her remarks a bit offbeat and her repeated clashes with other students, she took advantage of the bonus of this Saturday, November 12 to have fun to the fullest. She interpreted for the occasion the song HotStuff by Donna Summer in the company of dancers, with whom she was able to perform a frenzied choreography in a very sexy outfit and attitude. At the end of her performance, the 24-year-old candidate is all smiles in front of a visibly upset Nikos Aliagas. While he asks her opinion on her performance, which could lead her to become “the new Beyonce”she exclaims “but I was Beyonce!”causing the host and the set to laugh.

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Internet users in shock after his performance

During the debrief of the show, this Sunday, the students and the scenic expression teacher, Laure Balon, returned to this performance (to be found HERE), congratulating her for having succeeded in freeing herself from the pressure and returning with humor on his remark. On social networks, Internet users were also very numerous to highlight the vocal abilities of the young woman, even if the dance remained for some still anecdotal. Nevertheless, Léa, who was not nominated this week, has in any case managed to pocket some of her detractors, and perhaps even several teachers, who already see her as one of the finalists for this new season – which ends in less than two weeks now. Last night she was the crush of eccentric dance teacher Yanis Marshall and director Michael Goldman, who made a big announcement about the final.

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