Justin Bieber is in the mood like never before on a Beyoncé tube!

Justin Bieber was spotted dancing to Beyoncé. The fans did not fail to film the scene and post it on the internet.

Star Justin Bieber has been spotted dancing to Beyoncé for New Years. The fans did not miss a beat of the scene and even immortalized the moment. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Justin Bieber and his little party side

This is no longer a scoop, Justin Bieber likes to party. It is true that the public discovered the singer very young. At only 13 years old, Justin Bieber was already talking about him. Suddenly, the fans followed all his adolescence. And of course, who says ” adolescence “says” first evenings ».

Even if the singer admits to working a lot, he does not hide his little party side. And just look at his social networks to realize it.

In 2022, an evening organized by Justin Bieber had caused a lot of talk. In effect, a shooting had broken out during the evening in Hollywood where was among others Kim Kardashian. If there were no deaths, 4 injuries were still declared.

But fortunately, this remains an isolated case. Justin Bieber knows how to party without causing a scandal every night. Phew! It is true that the singer has become a little calmer since he is in couple with Hailey Bieber.

But that doesn’t stop her from partying for the right occasions. Besides, the one who enlarged his family was spotted on New Years Eve dancing to Beyoncé. Fans were quick to film the scene and post it online. MCE TV tells you more!

@oneupduo Omg we need a do-over so we can hand him a microphone 😂😂 Fr tho he was so kind and full of beautiful energy. Happy New Year everyone – and thank you for great vibes @Justin Bieber ✨✨ #nye #justinbieber #bieber #oneupduo #livemusic #elementmusic #goodvibes #dance #belieber ♬ original sound – oneupduo

A frenzied dance on a title of Beyoncé

The New Year is always a good time to celebrate. Justin Bieber was therefore able to enjoy his evening duringa show in Aspen, Colorado.

The singer swayed like never before on Beyoncé. And it almost went unnoticed. And yes, fans were so into the mood they almost didn’t see the star. Justin Bieber was dancing to Beyoncé right in front of them.

We mind our business so much we didn’t realize Justin Bieber was blocking our face”wrote a fan on a TikTok video.

The Canadian star was swaying his hips on Love on Top by Beyoncé. Beyoncé, who will also be on tour in 2023, to the delight of his fans.

The star most Grammy Award nominee was not present. But it was the group OneUpDuo who took over the music that evening. The band also posted the video on their Instagram. Because as amazing as it seems, the two singers being thoroughly in their performance, did not recognize Justin Bieber.

When Justin Bieber jams right in front of us and we had NO idea.”, expressed the group. ” You guys, by not noticing it, you made him appreciate it more”, replied a user. Another said: “ He was probably very happy to be part of the public. »

On the video, Justin Bieber seems indeed to have enjoyed his evening. We love !

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