Justin Bieber, Adele and Stromae: leave to come back better!

Justin Bieber, Adele and Stromae have decided to take a break from their musical careers. A way for them to come back strong!

They chose to take a musical break, leaving millions of fans waiting for their return. Justin Bieber, Adele or even Stromae have decided to breathe new life into their careers! MCE TV tells you everything.

Justin Bieber, when a break is needed

We are in 2015. The young Canadian singer unveils his album Purpose. Fans discover it with joy, not suspecting for a single second that their favorite artist would then take a long break in his career.

Indeed, after Purpose, Justin Bieber disappears from the radar. While his large community of fans was impatiently awaiting his new opus, he will ask them to be a little more patient with him.

We are in 2019 and not the shadow of a new album on the horizonnot. As the wait becomes increasingly unbearable, Justin Bieber decides to play fair with his fans.

He will then make a big announcement on his Instagram account. Justin Bieber decides to take a step back and focus on her marriage.

I was on tour all through my teens and early twenties. I realised, as you have surely seen, that I was unhappy on my last tour. And I don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve this. » can we read on a publication posted on Instagram. The young artist explains that he is facing health problems. And it’s time for him to take care of.

I’m now focused on fixing some of my ingrained issues that I’ve had, so I don’t fall out, so I can nurture my marriage and be the father I want to be. he adds. His depression got the better of him. Justin Bieber decides so take charge of your life.

A moving return

Justin Bieber has therefore made the decision to pause his career to focus on him and his mental health. You should know that the child star found himself in the spotlight at a very young age. He suffered a long time of this early popularity.

The young artist also sank into depression and had to fight his Lyme disease. Justin Bieber gives in to drugs and hits rock bottom. But the young singer will be able to pull himself together and was lucky enough to be able to count on the support of his sweetheart Hailey Baldwin.

He will make his big comeback in September 2020. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the young artist reveals his title Holy with Chance The Rapper.

In this piece, Justin Bieber shows the consequences of the health crisis while celebrating faith and hope. After this return full of emotion, the manager of the young artist announces a big project for his protege.

On YouTube, fans have indeed discovered a documentary series on their idol. From his marriage to the production of his new album Changes, the singer reveals everything.

In October 2021, another documentary “Our World” is born. Here, we discover a fascinating portrait of young Canadian talent.

Finally, Justin Bieber will finally find his fans on stage. The young artist has indeed planned a world tour. To make up for lost time!

Adele, a 6-year retirement

Like Justin Bieber, the young singer Adele also needed to take a step back from her career. In 2016, fans of the British artist learn she’s going to take a long break.

She also took advantage of a concert in Minnesota to announce the news to her audience. The young woman explains that she wants to devote herself to her family life.

You should know that Adele is the mother of a little boy. At the time, he was only 4 years old. His mother therefore made the decision to put her career on hold. to spend more time with him.

“My son is going to start school, you see, that’s why I’m rushing to finish all my dates. » she explained. “But I don’t think I’ll take a break for too long though...” she had promised her fans before disappearing for many years!

A break that will be extended in particular because of a happy event. Adele has indeed welcomed her second child.

But this break was not easy for the young woman. His world crumbles as he nears 30. Adele then has to face a divorce, a feeling of depression and impressive weight loss.

Knowing the singer, she was not going to let life get her down. Indeed, she took all her problems, mixed them with lyrics and a rhythm of which only she has the secret and released a superb one. very intimate album, soberly called 30.

Justin Bieber, Adele, Stromae: leave to come back better!

Thirties, a real turning point

A year after Justin Bieber, the young singer Adele decides in turn to make her comeback on the front of the stage. In November 2021, she therefore unveils her new album 30.

You should know that Adele took her time to release this marvel. Indeed, the young woman wrote 30 between 2018 and 2021. The first single, Easy on Me comes out a month before the album and enjoyed dazzling success.

It even broke the record for the most played song on American radio during its first week of release. It’s a comeback with great fanfare as the young woman has expected.

To promote her album, she organizes a concert: Adele One Night Only. She even offers herself Oprah Winfrey for the animation of her show! Just that.

“At 30, my life collapsed without warning” explains the young woman, referring to her divorce with Simon Konecki. In her album, she returns on this difficult stage of his life.

She also reveals her anxieties, her therapy and her impressive weight loss. The young woman confides that she wrote this album to explain to her boy why she decided to leave her father.

Although the release of the album was delayed by the global pandemic linked to Covid-19, the success was there. Without too many surprises.

Like Justin Bieber, Stromae slows down

Stromae, Paul Van Haver of his real name, has also gone through the “musical break” box in his career. Like Justin Bieber and Adele, the young Belgian singer felt the need to slow down for a while.

The one who was wildly successful in 2009 experienced a real descent into hell after a few years. In 2015, while on tour in Africa, Stromae was urgently repatriated. The young artist had an allergic reaction to the medicine against malaria.

“I couldn’t stand the treatment, it gave me hallucinations” explains the singer. He says he was even diagnosed psychic decompensation.

It even pushes him to have suicidal thoughts. The singer explains that his brother saved him. The latter saw that he was in pain and knew how to act in time.

In 2016, Stromae announced that he was simply stopping his musical career. To the chagrin of his large community of fans. Especially since they weren’t expecting it at all. A tasteless surprise.

Singing, I don’t feel like it anymore. But I don’t stop making music. » explains the young artist. He finds indeed that it took him all his energy and that he no longer liked it.

To change his mind, Stromae then plunged into fashion. You should know that the artist and his wife had launched their brand called Mosaert. In 2014, he unveiled their very first collection.

A great comeback

The maestro of staging has everything planned for his big comeback. After 7 long years of absence, he was still not going be satisfied with a simple announcement!

It was therefore on the set of Anne-Claire Coudray that the Belgian artist gave his very first interview. And big surprise: he even unveiled a new single 2 months from the release of his new album Multitude.

With his title L’enfer, Stromae touched more people than he thought. On set, Stromae sings: :“I sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I’m not proud of it.”

His performance on the TF1 newscast provoked a spike in calls to the suicide prevention number. Suffice to say that the young Belgian artist did not expect it at all!

“So much the better, if it frees taboos” declares the young artist during an interview for Konbini. He actually explains music is also for that. We validate!

Stromae revives so with his audience in 2022. Like Justin Bieber, the young artist has also planned a series of concerts to find his fans. Eh yes !

While waiting to be able to find him on stage all over France, fans can already discover his latest album. Indeed, multitude is available since March 4th.

The youngster’s album Belgian artist is number 1 in sales in France. It has already sold more than 80,000 copies. Just that ! See you this summer to find him on stage.

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