“It was the worst idea”: in Halftime, Jennifer Lopez reflects on her performance at the Super Bowl with Shakira

During the Super Bowl, there is what is called the Halftime Bowl tradition, which is the equivalent of the halftime concert. Every year, international singing stars perform there to boost audiences and celebrate the final of the American football championship. In 2020, it was Jennifer Lopez and Shakira who provided the show. But according to J-Lo, it was a really bad idea.

JLo didn’t want to share the stage with Shakira

In the documentary on the life of Jennifer LopezHalftime, which is released this Wednesday, June 15, 2022 on Netflix, the singer returns to the show of the Super Bowl halftime 2020. The star shared the stage with Shakira, whereas usually, the concert is provided by a single artist. “It’s the worst idea in the world to have two people for the Super Bowl,” J-Lo said. Not that she didn’t want to sing alongside her colleague, but Jennifer Lopez found this double performance an insult to everyone’s work.

According to Jennifer Lopez, having two headliners at the same concert supposed to last a dozen minutes, did not allow spectators to fully understand the message they wanted to pass. “It won’t be a fuckin’ dance revue. We have to sing our message (…) We have to have our singing moments”, explains the singer. The manager of the latter also spoke on the subject and seems to share the opinion of Jennifer Lopez: “It was an insult to think that it took two Latina singers to do the same job that a single artist is usually. able to do”.

Reviews of the Super Bowl 2020

Jennifer Lopez was therefore very annoyed by the choice of the organizers of the Super Bowl halftime show and this is not the only one. If the delivery of J-Lo and Shakira brought together 160 million viewers worldwide, some of them were offended by the performance of the two artists. Indeed, nearly 1,300 complaints were raised following the show. A comment from a user, noted by Here, is particularly violent: “I am not subscribed to the Playboy channel, I do not pay 20 dollars a month for pornography. We just wanted to sit down with the family, watch the Super Bowl and a quick gig”.

Yet Jennifer Lopez has always fought to both keep this sexy diva image that suits her perfectly and to assert herself as a strong and ambitious woman. That a sexy choreography performed by two female artists is compared to pornography, that is the real problem.

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