In video, the incredible volatilization of Adele on stage, in a whirlwind of confetti

The British singer began her extravagant Las Vegas concert residency last weekend. And unveiled the incredible staging of the end of his concerts.

The public was left dumbfounded by Adele’s magic trick. The 34-year-old star has a knack for performing spectacular concerts, and on Friday November 18, for the launch of her residency in Las Vegas entitled “Weekends with Adele”, she went there crescendo. While she naturally started the show with her hit Helloshe finished it in style with Love Is a Game disappearing under a shower of pink confetti. A few minutes earlier, the scenography had already become breathtaking: Adele sang Set Fire To The Rain in front of a curtain of rain and a flaming piano.


The confetti sequence fascinated social networks, and was notably filmed in slow motion by a fan. Another fan commented “Unreal! She’s the best”, or yet another “Adele makes magic in Las Vegas”. The sleight of hand seems to have been accomplished thanks to a trapdoor that opened under the stage, concealed by the sparkling pink confetti.

Spectacular and intimate

Adele therefore convinced her audience that the wait was worth it. Friday was her first real concert since her world tour in 2017. Indeed, in January, the Briton had canceled her dates and provoked the ire of her fans. The interpreter of Rolling in The Deep announced it in tears, on video. The reason ? She could not perform in the city of Nevada because of the Covid-19, which had infected many of her team members.

Later, she also admitted to not being satisfied with the staging. “There was just no soul,” she has since told the magazine. She, in August 2022. “It lacked privacy.” It seems that this time, the singer from the Tottenham district of London has achieved the feat of a concert that is both spectacular and intimate. On stage, she made many jokes, then walked through the crowd and chatted with onlookers. Her boyfriend Rich Paul, along with her 10-year-old son Angelo, were both seated in the stands.

On video, kitsch contest and glass of white: Adele’s new clip I Drink Wine

The star or the “relatable diva” (understand, “the diva with which one can identify oneself”) as baptized a journalist of the New York Timesopened this residence in a long black velvet dress and bare shoulders.

After nearly a year of postponements, this series of 32 concerts will be spread over five months at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace hotel, a legendary hall which can accommodate 4,000 spectators, and which has previously hosted Elton John, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain or even Celine Dion. “I feel like Celine Dion,” she laughed during the concert. “The only reason I wanted to sing here was her,” reported the New York Times.

A dazzling success

Adele’s latest album, titled 30, was released exactly one year ago and was in the United States, and in many other countries, the best-selling album of the year. However, the Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar-winning star chose to perform only five tracks from the disc, and instead turned to the hits of 21. This album released in 2011 is the one that gave him a dazzling success, and was, in France, the best-selling of the 2010 decade.


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