In photos, Adele’s luxurious Beverly Hills villa is up for sale for $12 million

Adele is selling her Beverly Hills villa

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We can’t stop the British singer in her real estate fever: she has just sold her house in Beverly Hills to buy a new one. The fourth.

2 million dollars (about 2 million euros, Editor’s note) in one year: this is the good that the price of this “magical Hamptons-style estate” would have been, according to the formula of the announcement The Agency published on Monday September 12. And that’s what Adele would pocket, who has indeed decided to sell this house, located in Beverly Hills. Total price: 12 million dollars (12 million euros). The singer had bought it from her friend Nicole Richie for 10 million dollars (10 million euros), who had acquired it herself for 6.7 million dollars (6.7 million euros) in 2015 .

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His fourth property in Beverly Hills

Built in 1957, extensively renovated and extended since, the residence of more than 500 square meters includes three bedrooms, a library and a large games room, each room having its own fireplace. There are also three bathrooms, a powder room, and a “security room”, probably designating a space from which one can control the surveillance system of the house. Almost every room on the ground floor overlooks a lush garden, where there is a magnificent swimming pool, a vegetable garden and a chicken coop. On leaving, you can come across neighbors, and not the least: Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman or even Penélope Cruz are among the celebrities living in the area.

This year again, Adele also satisfies her cute sin for real estate by buying Sylvester Stallone’s fourth property in the neighborhood for the modest sum of 58 million dollars (58.1 million euros). This new residence, acquired in February, notably includes a bar, a huge infinity pool, a putting green and a guest house designed by the famous architect Richard Landy, nicknamed “the king of the megamansion“.

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Humble origins

It’s been a long journey since the musician’s childhood, in an apartment she shared with her mother in south London, a period she recounts in Hometown Glory. In this piece, she sang “the wonders of [s]on monde”, like an ode to his neighborhood and his modest origins, which bears no relation to his life today. Adele is indeed accumulating multi-million dollar homes in the UK and US. Besides Beverly Hills, the interpreter of Someone like you rented properties in New York and West Sussex, including a mansion once owned by Paul McCartney.


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