“I’m a pretty sad person”: Adele opens up about her anxiety

Since the release of her last album, the singer has spoken at length about the difficult years she experienced before and after her separation, and about her way of dealing with her anxiety.

I just want to be happy.” Six years after the release of 25the singer returned this year with her fourth album 30. Now 34 years old, the Briton looks back on her career with great hindsight and gives herself up without filter on the difficulties she has been through. During an interview for the BBC, Adele mentioned I’anxiety from which she suffers since many years. After notably talking about her postpartum depression in 2012 and singing some of her ailments, the Londoner revealed that she had suffered from anxiety from a very young age, even before she was famous.

When she joined the Brit School, a performing arts school, she was only 14 years old and her lack of self-confidence prevented her from flourishing. Discovered at barely 19 years old, the sudden success will not help her. “I got to a point where sometimes I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I didn’t know where I was and what day it was. It was intense, but it was incredible at the same time,” she admits.

Her Anxiety and Her Remedy

“I’m a pretty sad person and I don’t always know why,” Adele admits. Last November, facing Oprah Winfrey, she revealed that following her divorce, she had known the “anxiety attacks the most terrifying” of his life, involving a virtual loss of control over his body. In particular, a particular obsession with the idea of ​​a nuclear family and the promise she had made to offer her son united parents.

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It is to face this anxiety that the singer has invested more energy in sport. “I found a place where I could vent all my energy, good or bad, and it made me feel like I was getting stronger mentally by getting stronger physically,” she told the BBC. This intense physical activity has resulted in a loss of weight importantwhich was not the singer’s primary goal, and which is become a real topic of debate for some. “Some people felt very betrayed by me, saying, ‘She gave in to the pressure’. But I don’t mind, because they’re not the ones holding my hand at night when I’m crying my heart out from my anxiety,” she replied.


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