Here’s the surefire workout that gave Shakira a flat stomach and rock-solid abs at 45

At 45, Shakira has lost none of her dream figure that she has been showing off since her debut. A toned and athletic silhouette that she never fails to wiggle to the rhythm of her Latin sounds that have been making our ears vibrate for more than 20 years now. To help her keep in shape and line, as well as her reinforced concrete abs, the Colombian singer can trust her sports coach, Anna Kaiserwho has been supporting him for 10 years by offering him high-level sessions that go hand in hand with his physical goals.

January 20, 2023, in the columns of the magazine shapeAnna Kaiser has lifted the veil on the secrets of the sports routine of the interpreter of Hips don’t lie. In particular, she detailed the session she developed to allow Shakira to work her abs: “This workout will work every muscle in your core. It will engage the whole body, not just the abs, because the body works as a unit, not a combination of parts. »she explains, specifying that performing these movements requires being equipped with a small Pilates ball, a gym mat, a pair of light weights (between 500 grams and 2 kilos) and a pair of medium weights (between 4 and 5 kilos).

6 exercises to get Shakira’s flat and muscular stomach

The first exercise consists of a series of side crunches. Stand upright, with a medium weight in each hand, then lower the left hand to the knee, while raising the weight of the right hand to the right armpit. A gesture to be repeated 20 times each year, going as slowly as possible.

Then comes the second exercise, which is also done standing up, with the arms stretched above the head and a light weight dumbbell in each hand. Simultaneously, you will have to lift the left knee and bend your arms towards the left side of the bust, making a slight twist, before resuming the initial position, then repeating the movement for one minute.

We then go to the ground for the third exo, where we will lie down on the gym mat, leaning on our right elbow and our right buttock. While the Pilates ball is squeezed between our thighs, we will raise the left arm and bend the knees towards the chest while bringing the left arm down. And this for 15 repetitions.

The session continues with a twisted crunch, which consists of sitting with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. We will come and place the Pilates ball behind the lower back, hands behind the head, then it will be a question of tilting the back backwards by contracting the abdominals, while leaning on the ball. By slightly raising the bust, we will perform a twist to the right by stretching the right arm laterally. We then replace the right hand behind his head before returning to the starting position and repeating the operation four times, alternating left arm and right arm for 1 minute.

Make way for the fifth exercise, which is also done seated. This one asks to tighten the thighs by stretching the arms in front of you while the hands hold each side of a towel. Then lean your torso backwards while keeping your back straight and raise your arms above your head to place the towel there. We lower them while keeping the position, which we repeat for 15 times.

Then comes the final exercise of the session, to be performed lying on the gym mat placing the Pilates ball under the shoulder blades, while both hands are behind the head, elbows apart, legs apart in a V and toes pointed outward. With the chin towards the chest, we will gently roll up the bust in three short exhalations, then we will release the head towards the mat before starting again 15 times.

Note that for optimal results, Anna Kaiser advises to perform the six exercises, once on each side, and to do this series three or four times a week. Shakira’s flat, muscular stomach is yours!

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