Gerard Pique separated from Shakira: his new companion in…

This is called turning the page: a few months after announcing his separation from Shakira, Gerard Pique is already well engaged elsewhere, with a 23-year-old young woman.

Corridor noises of the Barcelona player’s infidelity are now certainties: Gerard Pique appeared with Clara Chia Marti, a 23-year-old college student he had been working with for some time, hand in hand at a wedding. Snapped by the paparazzi, there’s no doubt that these two haven’t just begun their relationship and that it may be taking a more unexpected turn than expected, under the nose and beard of Shakira.

“Gérard and Clara have been seeing each other for months”

Shakira got wind of the infidelity of her companion for ten years and father of her two children Milan and Sasha, she even made a song “Te felicito” about it. On the other hand, she had not seen the flurry of photos of the new couple formed by Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti, 20 years her junior. A situation that hurts the bomba Latina, who must not have escaped the astonishing resemblance that she shares with the young woman. Still, if this relationship has been hidden for months, today the tongues are loosening, which will surely hurt even more the Colombian star. A source close to the public relations student told The Sun that “Gérard and Clara have been seeing each other for months (…) They have kept silent about their relationship, but those around them all know what is going on (…) People helped him keep the romance a secret and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so people couldn’t find pictures of her (…) Which makes his friends think he takes this relationship seriously.” Clara Chia Marti indeed worked within the sports and media investment group of Gerard Piqué, ideal cover for the two lovers, as reported by sources close to the young woman.

Things seem to be going faster and faster between Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend : the Spanish magazine la Zona spotted much more than the two lovers hand in hand and did not hesitate to publish it, which will certainly make its way to Shakira in person. “You can see like a little belly. This woman is thin and you can see a little belly”, said the Spanish journalist in his publication. Although nothing is confirmed, rumors are rife.

Already last August, when the defender of the FC Barcelona had been photographed at Summerfest Cerdanya, a music festival in Puigcerda, at the Franco-Spanish border, the singer had seen fluorescent red as reported by a source close to her family to the Spanish media Telecinco. Shakira was “very angry to see the father of his children with his girlfriend in public“given a pact signed between the two exes, which provided that they would not appear in public with their new partners the first year of their separation, which only took place on June 4th. dare to imagine the reaction of Shakira if the rumor of a pregnancy were to prove, then she left Spain for the United States with her two children, 9 and 7 years old. Indeed, she fought tooth and nail to obtain their custody. At the time, a source told the media Informalia that shakira ” has[vait] people who are looking for information and preparing an in-depth report on Pique, with all the information on her behavior (…) she is ready for anything.” The singer had finally won her case, as revealed by Telemundo, a Spanish media, on July 29, which is for the moment the only good news for the interpreter of “Hips don’t lie”. Although… In exchange for this victory, the agreement concluded with Gerard Piqué was not made without conditions: Shakira will indeed have to pay the Catalan five trips a year so that he can come and visit his children and pay off the athlete’s debts, i.e. 20% of the 2 million dollars borrowed.. Will things change if Gerard Pique creates a new family?

A rumor that could plunge Shakira into deeper despair

Injured, Shakira is also at the center of a legal whirlwind which opposes her to the Spanish tax authorities: the latter accuses her of not having declared income while she was living in Spain. Refusing an agreement from the Spanish financial prosecutor’s office, the singer faces an eight-year prison sentence if she is found guilty by the Barcelona court. In a press release, however, she wished to claim her innocence once again, denouncing a “total violation of his rights” and “abusive methods” from the financial prosecutor’s office which, according to her, “stubbornly claims the money collected during [s]international tours and The Voice” when she was not “not yet resident in Spain”. The Spanish Financial Prosecutor’s Office is demanding a fine of nearly 24 million euros from the singer, whom he accuses of having subtracted 14.5 million euros to the taxman.

This is definitely not the time to add another humiliation for the Colombian star. While their breakup had been announced in the most dignified way possible in June, in the form of a joint press release “We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask for your privacy. Thank you for your understanding”, Shakira has since ceased to collect the troubles and the permanent humiliation of her ex-companion. ‘Sad and confused’, Sasha and Milan’s mother was described as distraught by a paparazzi “I’ve been Shakira for 12 years. I’ve followed her all over the world. The day after the images of Gérard Pique kissing Clara went around the world, I went to her housesaid the man. I wanted to thank her because I know how bad things are for her. Couples can part on good terms but Gerard acts badly and causes damage.” As the song said, “Love stories usually end badly.”

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