Does Beyoncé’s new album herald the apocalypse?

Just released, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, Renaissance, caused a lot of ink to flow. And not only on the side of music lovers and people keen on pop culture. On the side of the conspirators, the theories are already going well: with this new opus, the singer would simply be announcing an end of the world even closer than what we could expect.

For years, we have heard here and there that Beyoncé is part of the Illuminati, this secret society that would rule the world without our knowledge. But this time, explains Wired, things go even further. It all started with the visual for the album, showing the singer riding a silver mount, in a relatively bare outfit. In one of the British version of Vogue magazine, we could also recently admire another version of the cavalier Beyoncé, this time with a red horse.

The rest is Newsweek who tells it: “In July 2020, Beyoncé rode a white horse in the film Black Is Kingand in August 2022 she posed with a black horse for Harper’s Bazaar.” Count carefully: that makes a total of four horses, which the sharpest or most paranoid minds – choose your side – have immediately linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which simply symbolize conquest, famine, war and death, and whose irruption indicates the imminent end of our world.

The gates of hell

Things obviously do not stop there: on YouTube, theories on the apocalypse according to Beyoncé flow, supported by a myriad of symbols interpreted until more thirsty. Wired cites the example of this video of about forty minutes, whose English title can be translated as “Beyoncé OPENS the PORTALS of the Demon in JULY”, in all sobriety. And even if the month of July is now behind us, we’d better be scared anyway: the opening of the famous gate may just be a little late.

For author Titi Shodiya, a specialist in Beyoncé among other subjects, Beyoncé’s supposedly apocalyptic era is the logical continuation of her alleged Illuminati period. “She’s so good at what she does, she has so much influence and power, everything she does is so exquisite… A lot of people don’t understand how a person can aim so accurately with every shot. . So to compensate for our own insecurities, we need to project ourselves. To tell us that it is impossible. There is bound to be some magic in there. Or Illuminati.”

About horses, the Equestrian Living site recently asked the question in a much more serious way: how to explain this long history between Beyoncé and these animals? The equestrian media dates back to March 2004, when the singer, who had just started her solo career, gave a performance in Houston, her hometown, where one of the biggest rodeo shows in the world was held.

The answer might disappoint conspiracy theorists: if Beyoncé loves horses so much, it’s simply because she was born in Texas.

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