Celebration day for Shakira and Pique – FC Barcelona

Celebration day for Shakira and Pique

The couple, whose two lovebirds were born on the same day, but ten years apart, celebrate their respective birthdays this Wednesday. The Colombian singer celebrates her 45th birthday while the Spanish defender turns 35.

FC Barcelona wishes its emblematic player a happy birthday

In the house of lovers are celebrated this Wednesday, February 2, two birthdays on the same day, that of Shakira and Gerard. The Colombian singer and the Catalan footballer were born on the same day ten years apart. It is a special day for them who are preparing to celebrate it with their family. The Blaugrana club shared a message of congratulations to its second captain on its social networks.

Gerard Pique “understands” Dembélé’s position

While Barça seeks to sell Dembélé and PSG would be on the spot, Piqué assures that he understands the Frenchman’s position. Only a few more hours to limit the breakage. It is partly in this way that FC Barcelona sees the end of the winter transfer window coming with the Ousmane Dembélé file. Since the refusal of the French clan to extend the contract of the French striker, the Blaugrana have taken it into their heads to find a club likely to want to buy the last six months of Dembélé.

Less than 24 hours from the end of this transfer window, Barça has still not found a buyer but does not despair of achieving it in the next ones. From PSG to Manchester United via Juventus Turin, however, it is not the suitors who seem to be missing, without a proposal having really been formulated. In any case, one thing is certain, the Dembélé file has been causing a lot of ink to flow for weeks in Catalonia. But what about within the group itself? If Xavi decided to do without the Frenchman’s services in recent matches, Gerard Pique did not want to overwhelm his teammate.

Present on the live Twitch of a famous Spanish influencer, the Barcelona defender says he “understands” Ousmane Dembélé and assures that the latter has not made any real decision. “I understand both sides. We are in a negotiation that involves a lot of money, everyone is free to defend their interests. I understand the position of the club and that of the player. We have to find the best solution for everyone. Before we started (the live) I was reading about what might be going on but I don’t want to get wet. We asked him a few times (to Dembélé) but he does not get wet, he is waiting to see, ”commented the 34-year-old player.

Pique’s daring bet on Erling Haaland and Kyllian Mbappé

Recently, the Spanish defender has – again – been talked about on the web. Interviewed Sunday evening by the Spanish influencer Ibai Llanos on the Twitch platform, Gerard Piqué mentioned the possible arrivals in La Liga of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland and took a risky bet. For the Spanish defender, the two players, who are notably tracked by Real Madrid, cannot play in the same club. “I think Haaland will come to La Liga. I want the best players with me.” launched the Catalan. Despite Real’s interest, the Norwegian striker is FC Barcelona’s priority target for next summer.

“I understand that the best players aspire to the Ballon d’Or, and I put my hand in the fire that Haaland and Mbappé will not play in the same team. This is my opinion, not information. Things can still change. Anything can happen” then explained the Barcelonnais. There is no doubt that the future of the PSG striker, who will be free at the end of the season, and that of the Dortmund striker will be at the center of the next transfer window in June.


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