Brands react with humor to Shakira’s song!

This is THE title everyone is talking about right now! The latest song by Shakira and Argentinian DJ Bizarrap is called BZRP Music Session #53. The singer clearly settles her accounts with her ex Gerard Pique and even attacks her new girlfriend: Clara Chia Marti, a 23-year-old student. But they are not the only ones to take for their rank. Brands are also mentioned! And they don’t hesitate to retort… This new song is creating a buzz. Between the stories of the heart, the settling of accounts and the brands that find themselves at the center of the fray, the spectators experience this rupture as a real match on social networks.

note that BZRP Music Session #53 already has more than 151 million views on YouTube since it was posted 7 days ago. And it has notably accumulated 14.4 million plays on Spotify in just 24 hours after its release. All these results make this title the most listened to and watched new song in Spanish of all time. And the reactions that emerge on social networks only bring him more visibility!

Spotlight on Casio and Renault

Beyond alluding to his ex and his new girlfriend, the Colombian star does not fail to mention certain brands in his song… Among them, we find in particular Ferrari, Rolex, Casio and Renault. And the last two did not fail to react on their social networks. Indeed, in the lyrics, Shakira does not hesitate to say: “You changed your Ferrari for a Twingo. You changed a Rolex for a Casio”. Gerard Piqué responds to him in his own way by going to his workplace in a Twingo and saying that “Casio is for life”, during his appearance on a show. Collaborations now fuse between the former international footballer and the two brands: Casio and Renault.

Photo credit: YouTube Bizarrap / Shakira

Casio’s strong reactions

The Japanese watch brand multiplies the punchlines! We can read in particular on his Twitter account “Shakira can criticize us saying, ‘You traded a Rolex for a Casio’, but no Rolex has ever come out with a calculator, built-in microphone and radio antenna like in the Casio TM-100. »

Casio adds in another tweet: “In defense of our Casio watches, their battery lasts longer than Pique and Shakira’s relationship”. A highly acclaimed replica on the web.

As a bonus, a parody account from Casio adds fuel to the fire by saying: “Shakira, we may not be a Rolex, but our customers are clearly loyal to us”.

Renault is having fun with this free advertising

Contrary to these dazzling responses, the Renault brand reacted in a good mood since the singer quotes her Twingo while the latter is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! So it’s a great advertisement.

In Colombia, the brand also writes on its Twitter account: “Pique may not deserve another chance, Shakira, but the Twingo definitely”. Or “Twingo will love you forever, Shakira. We promise you”followed by the hashtag #Twingo30ans.

Between irony and humour, the different messages leave no Internet user indifferent! We eagerly await the star’s responses…

Photo credit: Instagram @shakira

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