Brad Pitt stinks, Céline Dion is scary, Adèle is ch…; Gracias for this moment: the daughter of the king of Spain is juliegayetiser, Justin Bieber is britneyspearse the skull; Rihanna & Nicky Hilton are expecting (?) a child, Slimane is having one alone

Adele in crisis cancels her concerts in Las Vegas. The English singer was to perform on the mega stage of the Cesar Palace, as before her, Celine Dion, Madonna or Mariah Carrey. But, in tears on the networks, she complained that half of her team had Covid and that the show was not ready, “so sorry!”. The problem is that tongues were immediately untied: the culprit is not the Covid, it is her, her perfectionism and her whims. The interpreter of “Hello” changed the entire “Sound” system of the room, yet dubbed by her colleagues. She wanted something newer, bigger. And then, it was the turn of the choreographer to be blown away in the bronchial tubes: while she was supposed to give the impression of walking on water, above a pool set up for the occasion, the singer compared it to an old pond and challenged the scene. And finally, the César Palace, itself took for its great, claiming an “extravagant” show, while the diva wants the intimate. Too bad for the fans who, for some of them had already crossed the Atlantic, slamming more than 10,000 euros, tickets included, to be the first to see the concert of the year.

Brad Pitt, a real cutie. The reputation is tenacious, and this time, it’s a relative who lets go in an American magazine: “He wears the same pants and the same shirt for weeks, does not wash and forgets to wear deodorant”. The habit does not date from yesterday apparently. Some time ago, it was his former roommate – Jason Priesley, Brendon in the series Beverly Hills, who had quipped in his Memoirs: “Just for fun, we had contests to see which of us could pass the longer without shaving or showering. Brad has always won. “. Do you want more ? At the time of their marriage, a housekeeper hired by the couple Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie had reported that the family lived in a real pigsty, the floor strewn with boxes of rotting pizzas, gutted magazines in the four corners of the rooms. The children were not left out, left free, especially without a framework or rules to which their mother would be allergic, they had the leisure to fight toothpaste or write on the walls. Filthy marks that no one thought to clean.

Persistent rumor there too, but happier: Is Rihanna pregnant with her first child? the singer, who is however used to very (very!) light outfits, appeared dressed from head to toe, in a big oversized leather jacket. That was all it took to put a coin back into the machine: would she hide her round belly that way?

The red-haired king of Spain is caught in the arm of another woman. It was in the French Basque Country, on the beach of the surfers of Bidart: the husband of the Infanta Cristina, Inaki Urdangarin walks hand in hand with a pretty blonde, work colleague. Yet still photographed with the family, on the ski slopes at Christmas, the first concerned do not seem very surprised and discreetly endorse the separation. Pablo, 21, the couple’s second son, even seems serene when questioned by the Spanish press. ” These are things that happen. But it’s a family story, we’ll talk about it at home. For some relatives, the cheated wife already knew, and would even be relieved. The husband, sentenced to several years in prison for corruption, had become “toxic” for Gala, and prevented the sister of Felipe VI from fulfilling her role within the monarchy.

Celine Dion is (a little) scary. Since the cancellation of his American dates and the bad news about his state of health, it is easy to imagine the Paparazzi planet in turmoil. And it was Paris Match who caught the Mickey’s tail. The weekly publishes two photos of the star, standing in the streets of Las Vegas. She, who was thought unable to get up, came to pick up her sons from the dentist. She wears a long white coat, an FFP2 mask on her nose… The absence of professional obligations surely leads her to a deserved relaxation: no makeup, no long appointment with the colorist. Result ? a large lock of white hair is caught in her ponytail. So yes, she looks tired… and natural?

Fifth divorce for Pamela Anderson. Apparently, the gentleman who “knew how to change a light bulb”, and with whom she spent confinement in bed, was not yet the right one, the marriage will have lasted barely more than a year. Dan Hayhurst, one day a plasterer, the next day a bodyguard, turned out to be a “c**ard” according to a relative, even becoming mean with the blonde bimbo. Closer, Public and Here are a nice reminder that since Baywatch, Pam’s loves never last and evoke her 5 lightning marriages: from 3 years the longest with the musician Tommy Lee, to 12 days with a former hairdresser from stars, did the 54-year-old actress prefer marriage to husbands?

Kanye West and Julia Fox (the girlfriend of 15 days), play the stylish (failed) to theparisian fashion week. Anna Wintour could tell them: the coordinated looks, more corny, you die! (much like this expression, yes, it’s true). At Kenzo, the couple were fully dressed in jeans. Shapeless at the bottom, a big family jacket for him and a bustier with conical breasts (it’s not Gaultier inspiration, is it?), for her. A few hours earlier, Tic et Tac had chosen the leather, biker version, still just as inelegant, and this time a little creepy: Kim Kardashian’s ex wore very clear lenses, giving him the air quite sinister.

Slimane made a baby on his own. Vitaa’s sidekick to 800,000 albums sold announced him as a great on Instagram and Public takes over the info. There is no partner on the board to complete the team, the little girl was born by surrogate mother. Arrived a little early, the child remained under surveillance at the hospital. The interpreter of “Before You” had in any case, well anticipated the event by announcing in particular the end of his duet with the girlfriend of Diam’s and the desire to take a long break.

Benoit Poolvorde slips in promo. Drunk and angry, Closer tells us that the actor had a big anger before a preview of Edouard Baer’s film, “Adieu Paris”. Without a mask and without a vaccination pass, a security guard would have called him to order, preventing him from entering the cinema grounds. Refusing outright to submit, the Belgian went to wait for the team in the bistro opposite.

Stéphane Plaza in the cold with his friend JeanFi Janssens, for big money stories. The ten-year-old friends, “Big heads” frequent on Ruquier’s show, are to start at the theater next month. Problem, they absolutely do not touch the same stamp. According to Public, which does not give a figure, it is the TV real estate agent who would earn the most, which the humorist ch’ti would not have appreciated. The Christmas holidays that the duo were supposed to spend together have been purely and simply canceled, and the story does not yet say if they will manage to make peace before the premiere…

Kim Kardashian has tea with Hillary Clinton, and pulls a big string of com. Public says that the two women are “much more friends than you think”. Look! They see each other, like this in Los Angeles, in a cafe that employs former prisoners and “the complicit laughter and the warm smiles” fuse But it is rumored that the former presidential candidate wanted advice for his future program on powerful women. In any case, the interview was organized in all simplicity with cameras, photographers and security cordon. When we can help…

And to finish, here are our traditional mezzes: Johnny Depp will play Louis XV in Maïwenn’s next film. Charlene turned 44 this month. Florent Pagny has lung cancer. Justin Bieber did a Britney Spears: even if it was not under the eye of the cameras, (and much less disruptive) the Canadian singer shaved his head. Jenifer cancels her participation in the Enfoirés tour: she has contracted the virus again. Nicky Hilton, Paris’ big sister is expecting a third child. Michael Jackson bullied his little sister Janet, calling her a sow and a big horse throughout her adolescence. Paris Hilton has finally returned from her honeymoon which began in November… She donned an apple green sequined dress and dressed her micro dog in a designer sweater for her return to work.

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