Beyoncé: what happened to Destiny’s Child?

As Queen B releases her new album this Friday, July 29, what has become of the other members of Destiny’s Child? Overview.

The story begins in 1990, in Houston (taxa). The members of Destiny’s Child began their musical career in their pre-teens under the collective name of “Girl’s Type». Seven members are then part of the group: BeyonceKelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, Le Toya LuckettTamar Davis, Nina Taylor and Nikki Taylor. After a few years without a label, they signed with Columbia Records and changed the name of their band to Les Destiny’s Child.

The release of their second album in 1999, “Tea Writing’s we tea Wall» will mark their greatest success, with the titles “Bills, bills, Bills» and “Say My Name». In 2002, the band announced a hiatus, before reuniting with destiny Fulfilled in 2004. A year later, during their world tour, it’s the end: they announce that the group is disbanding and that its members will pursue solo careers. Over the years, many rumors surrounding their reunion have emerged. Especially when they appear together in Coachella in 2018, where they had performed three titles following the concert of Beyonce. But what have they become today?

A fortune of 400 million euros for Beyoncé

It is obvious to start with Beyoncea must in today’s music industry. His career, which touches on the music but also in theater and business, broke many records. According to Forbes’ annual ranking, Beyonce would have a fortune of 400 million euros. And let’s not talk about her husband, Jay Zwho would already be a billionaire. In 2018, Queen B became the first black woman to headline Coachella. She is officially back this Friday, July 29, with her new album. “Renaissance“.

Since Destiny’s ChildKelly Rowland also forged her own path in the music industry, as reported by the site of News24. She was the first alumna of the group to win a grammys outside of Destiny’s Child. His last solo album, “Talk has Good Game»dates back to 2013. After that, she had a child with her manager and joined the television and film industry. She was notably a coach in “Tea Voice». In 2020, the star claimed she was working on her fifth solo album with Roc Nation from Jay Z.

At last, LaTavia Roberson is currently gravitating in the business world. After a period of depression at the end of the group, Roberson had begun working with artists behind the scenes, including “magnate behind the implementation of projects”. In November 2018, she took a rather interesting direction in her career by becoming the founder of Roberson sports management, LLCthrough PR Newswireas reported News24.

The company seeks to provide resources such as training and sponsorship to the “next generation of boxers»passion of the former singer since her childhood. As for Michelle Williams, she has recorded four gospel studio albums which have is part of Billboard 200. She also had a career on Broadway.

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