Beyoncé unveils the incredible teaser of the future music video for “I’m That Girl”!

Beyoncé has just teased the first clip from her album Renaissance. And the first images are up to our expectations!

Beyoncé pleases her fans. The diva has decided to unveil the teaser of her new clip on Youtube. Entitled “I’m That Girl”, this one sends very heavy! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A return to the top for Beyoncé

On July 29, Beyoncé released her highly anticipated new album, Renaissance. A record that allowed the singer to make a comeback, and also to hit everywhere.

In effect, this album literally swept it all away on his way ! However, things could have turned out pretty badly for this album which was partly leaked on the internet before its official release.

But fortunately, Beyoncé fans remained virtuous! They patiently waited for the release of the album to listen to it in full. An attitude that particularly touched the star.

The latter did not fail to thank them through a message posted on Instagram. “So the album leaked, and you waited for the official release so you could all listen to it together. I have never seen that “noted the singer.

She ended with warm thanks to her audience. I could never thank you enough for your love and protection. »

Since the release of Renaissance, Beyoncé has therefore returned to the top. This success, she also celebrated with her family with her companion, Jay-Z.

The two stars were recently spotted at a party called “Club Renaissance” on August 5th. The interpreter of “Single Ladies” did not fail to post some pictures of the event on Instagram.

And the surprises for fans are not over. Because this Friday, August 12, Beyoncé has unveiled a very attractive teaser ! MCE TV tells you more…

Beyoncé unveils the incredible teaser of the future music video for I'm That Girl!
Beyoncé unveils the incredible teaser of the future music video for I’m That Girl!

The star unveils the first clip of her album “Renaissance”

Indeed, the diva has teased the music video for the song “I’m That Girl“. In this clip, we can see the singer dressed in a metallic bodysuit and a retro hairstyle, evolving in a futuristic atmosphere.

In this clip, Beyoncé looks better than ever, dancing on a bar counter or breaking eggs! The video also includes the presence of a horse!

This is reminiscent of the mount that adorns the album cover. A cover that is both ultra-aesthetic and enigmatic which has caused a lot of ink to flow !

To this day, “Renaissance” seems to be Beyoncé’s most accomplished work. It must be said that to give birth to this album, the star went all out. She surrounded herself with the best collaborators.

But she didn’t recruit them just for their talents. The interpreter of “Halo” also wanted them all to be flawless. Queen B thus ensured that none had made accused of sexual violence !

A strong step which reinforces the uncompromising image of the star. “Beyoncé is a leader in her business and she wants to show that no form of abuse should be normalized“, explains a source to The Sun.

“That’s why his new album will be about the strength of women”, she concludes. We expected no less from Beyoncé!

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