Beyoncé surpasses rapper Eminem in the ranking of the best album!

Beyoncé has been buzzing since the release of her latest album. The singer has also managed to beat Eminem thanks to this project.

Beyoncé has just released her latest album. A project on which she worked hard and which seems to be unanimous among music lovers. Indeed, the singer would have even exceeded the rapper Eminem in the ranking of the best album! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Hard blow for Beyoncé

A few weeks ago, Beyoncé unveiled her latest album. Lack of luck, the young woman chained the hard blows. First, his project has indeed been launched on the market two days before the official release date.

Something to piss off Queen B. But that’s not all! Shortly after the disc arrived in stores, the bad news continued to pile up.

Beyoncé was notably accused of plagiarism… Ouch. It was artist Kelis who brought the star’s dishonesty to light. On social networks, the latter explained as follows:

“I am blown away by the level of disrespect and utter ignorance from all three parties involved. I discovered this sample the same way as everyone else. Nothing is ever what it seems, some people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have fooled everyone. (…) I come to recover what is mine and demand reparations”.

In fact, Beyoncé took the decision to modify this title. In addition, another song also caused problems… It is “Heated”.

The reason ? Jay Z’s wife uses the word ‘spaz’, a word seen as an insult to people with disabilities. Pointed out, the mother of Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi therefore chose to change the lyrics of her song. For this, she must then return to the studio.

One thing is certain, it is that the album “Renaissance” would have caused a lot of ink to flow. MCE TV tells you more about Beyoncé.

The singer crushes Eminem

As you will have understood, Beyoncé’s latest project was not necessarily well received by the public. But while this one is at the heart of several controversies, it seems that it has all the same succeeded in breaking records.

According to the latest title information hiphopcorner, “Beyonce’s new “Renaissance” record remains at the top of the chart for best album in Australia. »

Besides, that’s not all! This one even beats “Curtaincall 2” fromEminem who sits in 2nd place. » A blow for the rapper who surely did not expect such success from Beyoncé. Whatever…

Also, Olivia Newton John has had a meteoric rise. Indeed, his death will have brought his titles up to date. The famous partner of John Travolta in grease thus entered the ranking. And this, with two of his discs.

“Hopelessly Devoted: The Hits” is thus in 5th position. As for “Grease”, this one lodges in 8th place. Anyway, Beyoncé has once again hit very hard with a new album produced during the health crisis. A record that seems to be making the buzz.

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