Beyoncé or Aya Nakamura? The dilemma of the fans facing the two concerts organized on May 26

Beyoncé announced on Wednesday that she would pass through Paris on May 26 on the occasion of her new world tour. Only problem for fans: it will fall on the same day as one of Aya Nakamura’s Parisian concerts. They tell their dilemma to

“I’m just disgusted.” Sheyenne, 26, was happy to go see Aya Nakamura in concert at the Accor Arena in Paris on May 26, accompanied by her sister. For the occasion, this alternate in human resources had paid the price, since she had bought her two places no less than 260 euros from a reseller on the internet.

“I struggled to get these tickets for Aya Nakamura: I found them by a miracle on Twitter, and I had to pay more than the selling price for them”, tells the young woman, who lives in Cergy (Val d’Oise).

“Why does it have to fall on the same day?”

But that was before knowing that the American singer Beyoncé announced her own concert at the Stade de France, in Paris, on the same date as the Franco-Malian singer, as part of her world tour “Renaissance World Tour “. Now, like many fans of the two artists, the student does not know what to do. On social networks, many Internet users expressed their exasperation, their sadness, while others were amused by this impossible dilemma for the fans.

“It annoys me, why does it have to fall on the same day, as if by chance?” Asks the young woman, a fan of the performer of the hits pookie and Djadja. Despite everything, she already has a small idea of ​​what she intends to do.

“I’ll at least try to exchange the tickets, maybe even resell them, I don’t know… But I can’t miss Beyoncé! I’ve been a fan since I was little, I’ve already missed his last Stade de France and I had been waiting for a new tour for years”, develops this fervent admirer.

Ticket resale sites taken by storm

Neïssa did not wait a second before making her decision. Since she learned of the American singer’s arrival in Paris, the 21-year-old student has put her two tickets for the Aya Nakamura concert on sale “on sites that offer the resale of tickets”. On Wednesday evening, Internet users noted that ticket resale sites and social networks were stormed by fans tempted to exchange or resell their tickets for the concert of the Franco-Malian singer.

At, the student in English license in Paris confides that she hoped that Beyoncé made at least two dates in Paris in order to be able to chain the concerts of the two artists the two evenings in a row. But this is not the case. “So, I try to resell them at the original price (49 euros), but with the possibility of negotiation,” she explains.

“Aya and Beyoncé are two artists that I really like, but Beyoncé doesn’t do a lot of concerts. The last one dates back to 2018, so I think it’s my only chance when Aya will surely do festivals… I tell myself that I will have other opportunities to see her”, justifies the young woman.

Others are luckier. This is the case of Maya, a 23-year-old laboratory assistant, who had taken tickets to see Aya Nakamura at the Accor Arena on May 26 … but also on May 28. If she manages to find tickets for Beyoncé’s concert during the presales on Friday morning and then on February 7, the young woman will be able to go and applaud the two singers with her friends.

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV journalist

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