Beyoncé offers Cardi B her new autographed album “Renaissance”!

Beyoncé is definitely back. After the cardboard of her new album “Renaissance”, she has just offered a gift to the rapper Cardi B.

Beyoncé has just signed her big comeback with her album Renaissance. The latter is a hit all over the world. With this success, the singer is in a generous mood and it is the rapper Cardi B who benefits. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Beyoncé at the top of the charts

Beyoncé is definitely back. The hit singer released her new album by the name of Renaissance. Fans couldn’t wait for the comeback of the one who calls herself Queen Bee.

It is therefore the July 29 that Beyoncé released her new album. The least we can say is that the latter had the effect of a bomb in the music charts.

Indeed, the album with techno accents has seduced the public. He even ranked number 1 around the world as soon as it is released. Australia, United Kingdom, France, all these countries have snatched the Queen’s album.

Beyoncé even broke records with the release of his latest album. Indeed, with Renaissance the queen has just achieved the feat of being the singer with the most albums at the top of the charts. She even appears in the record book thanks to all his exploits.

As you can imagine, reviews for Beyoncé’s new album were more than rave reviews. The magazine variety even calls it ” Masterpiece“. Just that !

Nothing can stop Beyoncé, so with Renaissance, she has just confirmed her status as a great music star.

Beyond this album, Beyoncé is also known to send gifts to her celebrity friends. The one who has just celebrated her 41st birthday, does not hesitate to send flowers and little words to her colleagues. This time, it is the rapper Cardi B, who benefits from this privilege. MCE TV tells you more!

Gifts, more gifts

Beyoncé really likes to pamper her celebrity friends. Indeed, she keeps giving them gifts.

Recently, the Grammy-winning singer presented flowers to none other than Madonna. The pop star received this gift because she participated to the remix of the single Break My Soul.

So, after Madonna, it was rapper Cardi B who received a small gift from the queen herself. It was on Twitter that Belcalis Almanzar of his real name expressed his joy at this gift.

And this gift is a signed version of his album Renaissance. The interpreter of Crazy in love wrote on a card: “To Cardi B, hardworking queen, thank you for always supporting me. I send lots of love to you and yours. Respect, Beyonce. »

As you can imagine, the rapper was overjoyed at this consideration from Queen B: It’s so beautiful, so charming. I’ll put it in a glass frame with laser beams on it adds the rapper with a lot of humor.

Despite her joy, Cardi B does not forget to thank Beyoncé for her gesture: “ Thank you very much Beyoncé, it means a lot to me writes the rapper.

It’s not even Christmas yet that the stars already have gifts. After, Cardi B and Madonna, who will the singer spoil with a surprise gift? In any case, Santa Claus better watch out, Beyoncé may soon steal his place.

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