Beyoncé is making her entire music catalog available to TikTok!

Singer Beyoncé puts her entire catalog of music on the TikTok platform! We give you more details.

Good news for Beyoncé fans! The singer put his entire catalog of music on TikTok. MCE TV gives you more details.

Beyoncé lands on TikTok…

It’s a big day for Beyoncé fans on TikTok! The great American star comes from land on the social network this Thursday, July 14.

Queen B has also posted her very first video on the Chinese social network. His first TikTok was also a compilation of all his fans who danced to his music. All about thee rhythm of his latest release, Break My Soul.

In legend, Beyoncé confided that she was very happy to see her fans dancing on her songs. “Thank you so much for all the love you have for BREAK MY SOUL! she added before signing “Love-B.”

In the comments, Jay-Z’s wife also tagged any content creators whose content she used on her video. We invite you to discover the video in question by following this link.

Less than a month ago, the famous singer unveiled her new single, Break my soul. The track did not have a music video, but a video with the lyrics scrolling against a black background.

In her title, the queen of R&B sings about the great resignation that is all the rage in the United States. Very quickly, this piece will become the anthem of all those who have decided to quit their job. As a reminder, 47 million Americans left their jobs in 2021.

Beyoncé is making her entire music catalog available to TikTok!
Beyoncé is making her entire music catalog available to TikTok!

…and brings his entire catalog of music

Beyoncé did not come empty-handed on TikTok! The 40-year-old singer has indeed made available to users of the platform his entire catalog of music! We love.

Now, fans will be spoiled for choice when it comes to designating which track they will use in their video. Beyoncé unveiled over of her career 6 albums and 2 in collaboration. In addition to 5 live albums and compilations, EPs or singles to count.

She is one of the most popular singers today. Beyoncé Knowles of her real name is also a real source of inspiration for its thousands of fans around the world.

Indeed, in addition to being a successful artist, she is also a very committed woman. Especially for the cause of blacks in the United States.

In 2020, she unveiled his film “Black is King” (Black is king). A Lion King-inspired film and album that aims to “to help today’s young kings and queens find their crown”.

With this release, Queen B caused a sensation with her fans, but not only! His incredible tribute to black culture has been praised around the world. “Let black be synonymous with glory” sings the famous artist.

As for the artistic side, the mother of Blue Ivy has therefore succeeded in her bet. Visually, his new production was a real visual slap! And his music obviously did not disappoint his biggest fans. We love.

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