Beyoncé: how does the star keep the rope intact after 25 years of career?

After six years away in the industry, Beyoncé signed her return to the front of the stage on the 29th July last with a new album titled Renaissance. Barely released, the opus like all its previous albums was propelled with a bang despite the not insignificant gap that exists between these last two albums. How does Beyoncé keep her place in a changing industry despite her 25 years of career ? So here are some answers.

Beyonce unveils her new track BLACK PARADE

True planetary icon of R&B, Beyoncé hovers atop the most influential female artists in music history. Recognized as the most awarded singer of the Grammy Awards, Jay-Z’s companion always stays the course on each outing. Six years after the release of Lemonade which has been a breathtaking success, Queen B has yet to take a new step through its seventh album entitled Renaissance.
Officially released on the evening of July 29, this album received a warm welcome which also leads us to take an interest in the assets that allow the superstar to get everyone to agree on each musical release.

It constantly reinvents itself

To better understand this first advantage on which the singer surfs as an asset, it would be better to refer to her latest album Lemonade. Released in 2016, following a affair of infidelity which almost led to the divorce with her husband Jay-Z, this very heavy introspective album left no one indifferent. On this opus, the woman very attached to African culture told how she rebuilt his couple. In a nutshell, it’s an album that no one wanted to miss.

Leaving Renaissance who is by the way heavier than the previous one, Beyoncé proposed 16 very dance tracks all for a total duration of one hour and two minutes and a half. After her husband’s stage of infidelity, his attachment to black culture, the queen has taken her sexy side to the next level.

In Renaissance, Beyoncé has indeed emphasized her sexy side that she has never demonstrated. It’s through a sexy flow”ass getting bigger, cash getting larger” on the title Ethics that the singer has set the scene. On another track titled Pure/Honey, she sings “it should cost a billion to look that good“, which means in French, it should cost a billion to be so fresh. Beyonce has found the best way to highlight her sexy character.

No fear of collaboration

On some pieces of sound new albumBeyonce called on a number of rappers including Drake who wrote the track church girl on a very original beat. Despite all his talent multidimensional which gives her the place of the greatest pop artist, the one who has the ability to take on many roles on her own, such as artistic direction, had the presence of mind to invite artists which are currently in vogue to achieve its objective well.

A festive album, with innovative sounds

To allow fans to celebrate after years of pandemic, Beyoncé has offered at least two titles with beats funk. dancing songs, Renaissance into account to begin with, Cuff it or Virgo’s groove, a hymn to sex and love.

With Renaissance, it’s clear that Jay-Z’s wife has created a new framework away from her marriage. Aware that the opus will be unveiled in the summer when the festivals are in full swing, Beyonce has proposed on the 16 tracks, at least 5 dancing tracks that will resonate loudly in the nightclubs.

She advocates self love: very 2022 and very “Tik-Tokable”

Beyonce insta pic

The queen of self-love has again come up with a sizable album. She is very sexy in most songs. Better still, she left no close details for those who might be interested in brands of clothing, underwear, make-up, and others: “Comfortable in my skin, cozy with who I am, comfortable in my skin, cozy, cozy” (translation: comfortable in my skin, cozy with who I am, comfortable in my skin, cozy), we can hear people say.

She goes beyond what she has learned

Unlike those who often choose to drop their album without send a cover to mark the way, the queen preferred to do things in the rules of art. She counts each time on a job well done and it must be said that this strategy works well for her. In light of all these points mentioned above, we can say that only the relentless search for perfection makes Beyoncé grow more with each release.

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