Beyoncé: Her new hit ‘Thique’ originally premiered in 2014?

Singer Beyoncé’s new track, Thique was actually produced in 2014! We give you more details.

We had to wait 8 years! The title Ethics by Beyoncé would have actually been created in 2014. MCE TV gives you more details.

Beyoncé, a remarkable return

Singer Beyoncé is a hit right now! The famous American star decided that this summer of 2022 was going to be his.

After having made a very remarkable entry on the social network TikTok, Beyoncé unveiled her brand new album, Renaissance. Very quickly, Queen B’s new opus ranks among the most listened to albums of the year.

Released on July 29, Renaissance exceed 10,000 sales equivalents in just a few days. The international superstar thus dethroned Gazo and Jul who camped at the top of the rankingt of the top albums in France.

This is also a first for the pretty brunette. Indeed, before Renaissance, Beyoncé had never been number 1 in the album chart in France.

His previous album, Lemonade had managed to get a place at 9th position in the ranking. With Renaissance, Queen B announced her comeback with great fanfare.

But you should know that the young mother has worked a lot on this album. Indeed, one of his titles would have was even created 8 years ago! Just that.

Suffice to say that Beyoncé likes to take her time and did not want to rush. In this 16-track album, the singer called on other stars. We think of Jay-Z, AG Cook, Skrillex, Giorgio Moroder, Grace Jones or even Tems.

8 years of waiting

Among the pieces discovered in this new album of Beyoncé, we find the piece Thique. This signed production Hit Boy would have actually been created 8 years earlier.

“I had to sit on this rhythm for eight years! » he explains in an interview for Rolling Stone. ” This is how the game goes sometimes. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in the game and some people will be like, ‘Oh, where did Hit-Boy go? What does Hit-Boy do? » says the producer.

In reality, Hit Boy had not disappeared! He just waited for Beyoncé reveals their collaboration. “I was basically trying to make a [Jay-Z and Kanye West ‘s] ‘N ***** In Paris’, female version » he explains.

“With that bounce, with that synth. Obviously, you look at the lyrics, she talks about crazy, rapping stuff. So just to bring out that energy and go to his stadium shows and see the reaction: wow. The energy I was trying to convey really overcame all of that. » specifies the producer.

Beyoncé’s new album caused a lot of ink to flow. But sometimes for inglorious reasons. In fact, she has had to take lyrics from his track Heated.

Kelis on the other hand criticized Beyoncé for putting it on her album without asking permission. A scandal that still put the young American singer in a situation that she would have liked to avoid.

Beyoncé is therefore finished by deleting Kelis’s part from his album. But that has nothing to do with the success of his new project.

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