Beyoncé finally unveils the tracklist of her new album “Renaissance”!

As the release of her new album, Renaissance, approaches, Beyoncé has been rocking her tracklist on social media.

Her album being scheduled for July 29, 2022, Beyoncé had to offer something to her fans to keep them waiting. So she has dropped the tracklist of Renaissance on his social networks. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Beyoncé is making a comeback

Since the announcement of his new album Renaissance, Beyoncé ignited the web. And for good reason, his last album in feat with his darling Jay-Z, Everything is Love 2018 date.

Following her announcement, Queen B chained the appearances noticed. She released a preview track first, Break My Soul. By the way, this piece has encouraged a lot of people to quit in the USA.

And this, with just one sentence: ” I fell in love, I quit my job, I’m going to find a new enginethey make me work way too hard.”

The title was such a success that Beyoncé made a comeback in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The last time this happened to him was in 2016. Hats off!

Then she swung the cover of his new album who also made a lot of noise. In effect, this last one is quite daring.

The star appears there almost naked, on a transparent horse. All accompanied by high heels and loose hair.

At any rate, Beyoncé manages the promotion with a master hand from his upcoming new album. She knows how to arouse the curiosity of her fans. And it works !

Thus, less than ten days from the release of Renaissanceshe played her last card. She has just released the tracklist for her new album. Thus, the latter becomes more and more concrete. MCE TV tells you more!

The “Renaissance” tracklist revealed

« Create this album allowed me to find a place to dream during a terrifying time for the world”explained Beyoncé on Instagram at the end of June.

Before continuing: “It made me feel free at a time when very little else was moving. My intention was to create a safe place, a place where judgment has no place”.

And for good reason, it is in full confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis that the star found inspiration for her new album. This therefore gives clues as to what his new album will look like.

So, to make his fans wait even longer, Beyoncé has released the full list of songs that will compose Renaissance in stories on Instagram.

His album will therefore consist of sixteen tracks. And some titles already give some clues. Heated, America Has a Problem or Summer Renaissance are part of his next project. It promises heavy!

That said, it’s the home stretch for Beyoncé fans. His album will be released on July 29, 2022. and the wait will surely be worth it. At least, that’s what the star’s promo suggests. To be continued !

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