Beyoncé Fans Didn’t Like This Kim Kardashian Ad

Kim Kardashian poses for the latest campaign for her Skims brand.
Twitter @kimkardashian Kim Kardashian poses for the latest campaign for her Skims brand.

Twitter @kimkardashian

FASHION – This is the annoyance among fans of singer Beyoncé. In question, Kim Kardashian’s new advertising campaign for her Skims lingerie line, shared on the brand’s social networks on Tuesday, December 21.

In this one, the 41-year-old star, who has just won the “baby bar” in California, poses alongside a few other models, also dressed in the brand’s latest skin-tight jumpsuits. They look serious with the same pair of (very) small sunglasses on their noses.

Here, Kim Kardashian’s hair is not smooth and brown, as usual. No, for the occasion, the businesswoman got a perm. Her hair has been partially curled, especially at the ends. In addition, they were dyed in a color approaching blond.

A hairstyle that, as many people immediately raised, looks like it could be mistaken for that of … Beyoncé.

“Kim Kardashian tries to be like Beyoncé, except Beyoncé has talent”

“Give Beyoncé her wig.”

Many Internet users first thought it was Beyoncé herself.

Some are having fun with it, ironically joking about the situation, like the user below who mixed up the surnames of Beyoncé and Kim.

“Oh my God, it’s Sasha Fierce”, writes the surfer who follows. Sasha Fierce is the name of Beyoncé’s alter ego, a character the singer imagined for her third album.

Others point to the similarities with the aesthetics of the advertising campaigns of Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s sportswear brand.

“Why was this photographed and dressed like a new Ivy Park capsule launch?”

“I literally just said it looks like a Beyoncé campaign for Ivy Park and I see all the comments are saying the same thing.”

As the young woman below recalls, Kim Kardashian recently explained herself on the accusations of cultural appropriation to which she has been subject for several years. “And yet, here we are again”, blows the Internet user.

For her part, the actress and star of the series The Good Place Jameela Jamil, who regularly criticizes the Kardashian clan sisters on social networks, believes that this is a marketing stunt, probably thought up by Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother and manager.

“Kris Jenner has mastered the art of predicting that everyone will be furious to find that this photo looks exactly like the one in Ivy Park, a way of using the inevitable mockery and outrage to ensure this goes viral. The image travels. Products sell. Boom. This is the new marketing.”

This is indeed not the first controversy for the American star. Even though Kim Kardashian has already been criticized for wearing makeup or doing her hair like a black woman to sell more of her beauty products, the name of her brand had, from its launch, caused controversy because of the name that she first gave him: Kimono. Accused of borrowing for commercial purposes the name of a traditional object of Japanese culture, the entrepreneur had then backtracked to finally call it Skims.

Since then, business has been good. Available in France at Galeries Lafayette, the lingerie and loungewear brand was, in 2021, valued at $1.6 billion.

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