Beyoncé deleted all her profile pictures for her big comeback?

On June 10, Beyonce deleted her Instagram profile picture. What fuel the rumors about a possible musical return of the artist.

Very little active on social networks, Beyonce gave a sign of life this Friday, June 10. Indeed, the singer deleted her Instagram profile photo. Something to rekindle hope among his fans who are waiting for only one thing: a musical comeback from Queen B. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Beyonce: from singer to businesswoman

For several years, Beyonce is more of a businesswoman than a singer. Indeed, in addition to being very discreet in the media, she has not offered an album since 2018 with Everything is Love together with her husband Jay-Z.

She now devotes herself to the brand she created in 2016: Ivy Park. She has been able to expand her empire thanks to this brand and prestigious collabs. In February 2022, it partnered with Adidas to an IVY Park collection related to Valentine’s Day.

She also does not hesitate to invest in other brands. For example, with Rihanna, the artist supports the French brand Destrée, created in 2016 by Géraldine Guyot and Laetitia Lumbroso. This brand caught his eye. So she decided to trust them.

Result ? Beyonce is therefore at the head of a veritable empire with nearly 400 million euros. Proof, his daughter Blue Ivy is the third richest child in the world. Colossal!

Nonetheless, she became known through music. His fans can no longer wait for new songs from their idol.

Some info should make them smile. This Friday, June 10, Beyonce has deleted her Instagram profile picture. The Web then ignited dreaming of a great return of the singer. MCE TV tells you more!

An imminent musical return?

In 2020, Beyonce offered the Deluxe version of the soundtrack of the Lion King. This is the latest project released by the pop star. Since then, his musical interventions have been rare. If he happens to perform sometimes on stage, like at the 2022 Oscars with be alive, the singer is therefore quite stingy with new content.

So when netizens noticed that Beyonce deleted his Instagram profile picture, everyone was on fire. It’s a fairly common custom in the music industry to announce a comeback, or at least a revival, as if the artist was making a clean sweep of the past.

On Twitter, the #BeyonceIsBack bloomed in hours and many fans of the artist expressed their joy. “I refresh my social networks every 2 seconds to see if she has announced anything new”explains one.

“Beyonce is coming back with a new track please I’m going to cry”, says another. However, some fans are more measured.

“Beyoncé She’s a witch I hate her, all that even it will not be the announcement of a new album or a tour! It will be Ivy Park”, says a user. A theory relayed by many people. “Me waiting for B7 and having the 4th of July Ivy Park collection…”despairs another.

The artist has not yet explained the reasons for this change. Case to follow very closely therefore!

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