Beyoncé dazzling for the new Tiffany & Co campaign!

Beyoncé was very charming for her new project with the brand Tiffany & Co. Her new campaign is splendid!

Beyonce has a string of projects! The Tiffany & Co brand has shared images of Queen B in the new ‘Lose Yourself in Love’ campaign. She is magnificent ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Beyoncé: a return that divides

After long years of absence, Beyoncé is back to the delight of her fans. Her presence was so missed that she made the top female debut of 2022 on the Top Billboard 200.

Eh yes ! Jay-Z’s wife is therefore the only female artist to be at the top of this ranking. According to the latest information from the hiphopcorner title, “Beyonce’s new album ‘Renaissance’ is number one on the chart for best album in Australia. »

As unbelievable as it may seem, it even beats “Curtaincall 2” of Eminem who sits in 2nd place. If everything seems perfect at first glance, beware of appearances!

Because the return of Beyoncé divides. First because the star is accused of plagiarism on his Energy. It was the singer Kelis who forced her to remove this title from her album.

“I am blown away by the level of disrespect and utter ignorance from all three parties involved. I discovered this sample the same way as everyone else. Nothing is ever what it seems, some people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have fooled everyone. (…) I come to recover what is mine and demand reparations”, she said.

Then his project was launched on the market two days before the official release date.

And to top it off, Queen B used the word “spaz” in her song, which is an insult to people with disabilities.

A little sweetness at Tiffany & Co

These are several events that make Beyoncé’s daily life more difficult. But the star has other projects that appease her. Like its partnership with Tiffany & Co.

As a remindershe is the ambassador of the jewelry brand. She said to herself “honoured to continue the partnership with Tiffany and Co. and to explore even more deeply how beautiful our relationships are, when we truly celebrate the relationship and the importance of the love that we have for ourselves as ‘people. »

Alexandre Arnault, vice-president of products and communications at Tiffany & Co is therefore very proud of this collab. “It’s an exploration of fearless creativity. ‘Lose Yourself in Love’ embodies the beauty of self-love. And also elegance. Beyoncé is therefore an inspiration to so many because she embodies these qualities. »

This Friday, the brand therefore revealed images of Beyoncé in the new “Lose Yourself in Love” campaign. The pictures are very beautiful.

The singer wears a very beautiful necklace that was custom made for her. We count more than 40 hours of manufacture and 18 carat gold links.

Jay-Z’s darling is very happy to work with a brand that looks so much like her. She shines on the photos that scroll on Instagram.

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