Beyoncé breaks the scores a week after the release of “Renaissance”

A week after the release of Renaissance, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, what does it look like? Between controversy and harsh criticism, only one thing is certain: it is number 1 in Australia, Ireland, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

We know that right now, Beyoncé is going through a winding period… In the song “Heated”, the use of the word “spaz” is considered insulting to people with disabilities. She even had to rewrite this passage. More recently, it’s the title “Energy” which has attracted the wrath of the singer Kelis. The day after the release of the album, on July 30, Kelis reacted on his Instagram account to the use of his hit “Milkshake”, produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the group The Neptunes, in 2003. The interpreter of “Trick Me” accused Queen B of having used her song without her consent and without even informing her. Beyoncé ended up taking the singer’s criticism into account and deleting the sample from “Milkshake”. You will understand, not easy for Queen B. But if we can reassure her somewhere, it is in her success. Because the numbers don’t lie.

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A record in the UK

For its first week, Renaissance between number one on the Billboard 200 with a solid figure of 332,000 equivalent sales, thus achieving the best start of the year for the album by a female artist, and the second best score behind Harry’s House of Harry Styles in the United States. The last woman to hold this position was Adele with 30, in 2021. More surprisingly, Beyoncé has also managed to win the hearts of the English. As we were told by BBChis album became number 1 in the first week. Renaissance was also the biggest selling vinyl of the week.

When B competes with Jul

The reception of the critics in France was delicate. Le Figaro going so far as to ask for the interest of “digging up some old 90s techno” and characterizing this album of “empty”. But the numbers don’t lie. As just announced by SNP (National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing) Beyoncé’s album enters directly number one in sales, with the score of 10,783 equivalent sales on the counter, ahead of rappers Gazo and Jul. What to make jealous. Queen B may not have won over the critics, but the fans, on the other hand, are there. This situation brings us back to the eternal debate about the legitimacy of criticism in front of an audience. Who should you like: the seasoned or the fans?

Beyoncé seems to have made her choice. Like a premonition, the first single “Break My Soul”, currently the 14th most listened to track in the world on Spotify, strikes for four minutes thirty-seven: “You won’t break my soul”. As if, from the top of his electric horse, nothing could reach him. As who would say “the slime of the toad does not reach the white dove”. So regardless of the opinions, all we know is that we will not hesitate to wiggle over this summer.

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