Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Jean Imbert, maybe that’s a detail for you…

Jean Imbert, Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Plaza Athénée, October 9, 2022.

Triple connection

Even better than a Michelin star? On October 9, Jean Imbert landed his third photo with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Taking advantage of the star couple’s visit to Paris, who had come to celebrate their partnership with the jeweler Tiffany, the illustrious chef invited them to his table at the Plaza Athénée, then to the kitchens of the restaurant. After the snapshot of 2014 at the end of an entire weekend of cooking for the stars, then that of 2016 after a dinner at L’Acajou, the former restaurant of Jean Imbert, here is the 2022 edition, posted as it should be on the chef’s social networks.

artistic blue

Beyoncé takes up the space in spectacular fashion, dressed in a blue leather ensemble so distinctive it compels us to a quick legal point. This Klein blue, used and then developed by the artist Yves Klein from 1954, is the subject of a patent filed on May 19, 1960 at the INPI, under Soleau envelope no. 63471. But the term “IKB” , for International Klein Blue, refers only to the combination of synthetic ultramarine blue pigment and a specific binder, not a tint in the broad sense. If not particularly becoming, this Alexander McQueen combination is therefore completely legal.

Embassy of the Congos

Jay-Z is dressed in a simple black turtleneck and a chalk striped jacket. Her hair, however, deserves some clarification. These are styled in congos, a very special type of dreadlock. Concretely, they are the result of the fusion of several dreadlocks. Whether they are the fruit of a desire to distinguish themselves from a more classic approach or of a pronounced lack of capillary care, congos have the reputation of causing major scalp problems, even real headaches. This, by the way, perhaps explains the expression displayed by Jay-Z.

Exception Note

In the background, we can make out a Molteni-branded cooking piano, the very best in the field. In this case, it is in the Drôme, on the banks of the Rhône, precisely in Saint-Vallier, that the company, founded in 1923 by a certain Joseph Molteni, manufactures these exceptional pianos in cast iron and brass, renowned for their absolute reliability. Each year, the production lines only manufacture a hundred units. The cheapest are worth 20,000 euros, the price of the most expensive can go up to 250,000 euros, if you are ever interested.

Crazy for the encrust

Finally, how not to mention the presence, at the bottom of the image, of several cooks in full photobombing, accessorized with the classic toque invented by the Frenchman Antoine-Marie Carême at the beginning of the 19th century.e century ? Cook for the King of England George IV, Emperor Francis Ier of Austria and the Russian Tsar Alexander Ier, Carême wore the toque for the first time in 1821 with the stated objective of making it the symbol of haute cuisine. Two hundred years later, here is the hat reduced to the scullery. Magic of social networks, and of the time.

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