Beyoncé and Harry Styles beaten by the return of Kate Bush!

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is the most-streamed song of the summer in the UK. So she beat Beyoncé and Harry Styles.

Thanks to the series Stranger Thingsthe song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush was the most streamed song of the summer in the UK. It therefore exceeds Beyoncé and Harry Styles who both released albums recently. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Beyoncé and Harry Styles have been strong this summer

Beyoncé released her new album, Renaissancethis July 29, 2022. A long-awaited return after long years of absence.

And in the lot, it’s his piece Break My Soul which marked the spirits. The latter even earned his interpreter a return to the Billboard Hot 100.

Beyoncé hadn’t been in this ranking since 2016 with its title Perfect Duet featuring Ed Sheeran. So it’s a full box.

Harry Styles, meanwhile, released their third studio album, Harry’s House on May 20, 2022. And this is the song As It Was who stood out the most.

At any rate, the summer of 2022 saw big music releases between Beyoncé, Harry Styles and others. Thus, no one thought that another artist would come out on top.

And yet, at the top of the ranking of the most listened to song of the summer in the United Kingdom, we find neither Beyoncé nor Harry Style. No, the most listened to music is none other than Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

Yes, the song brought up to date by the Netflix series, Stranger Things ranks at the top of listens this summer. MCE TV tells you more!

Kate Bush tops the charts

The song Running Up That Hill came out in 1985 when Kate Bush drops her album Hounds Of Love. Thus, over time, it gradually falls into oblivion. Leaving room for more contemporary artists like Beyoncé or Ariana Grande.

But that is without counting the big boost made by Netflix with his series Stranger Things. Inside, she allows Sadie Sink, who plays the character of Max, to escape Vecna.

Since then she is popular with young people again. It was such a surprise for Kate Bush that she was obliged to express herself in the face of this comeback.

“We find my song Running Up That Hill which received a new lease of life from young people fans of this series »she confessed.

Before continuing: “Because of that, my song ranks all over the world and came back in the British ranking at 8th place”.

But that was before the end of the summer. Indeed, after analysis, Running Up That Hill becomes the most streamed track of the summer in the UK.

It therefore exceeds As It Was by Harry Styles and Break My Soul by Beyonce. And this, while the song is over 35 years old.

Harry Style is therefore in second place. Beyoncé, meanwhile, fell to eighth place in the rankings.

In short, Kate Bush and her song Running Up That Hill broke all records. And for good reason, Internet users love this music.

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