After his separation from Shakira, Gerard Pique makes a terrible discovery on his property

Gerard Pique is not just a former footballer. He has also developed various and varied activities, in particular through investments, after he retired from international football in 2018. Recently, he also had plans to develop a luxury hotel in Malaga. An investment that, however, he should perhaps not have made…

However, the project is not new and has probably been carefully considered. In 2015, while still playing for the FC Barcelona, the former football international has bought a property in Malaga for 20 million euros. The land is located on the Costa del Sol. And it seemed like a very good opportunity to welcome a new hotel complex.

A macabre discovery in a property of Gerard Piqué after his separation from Shakira

According to brand, Gerard Pique suffered a rather problematic setback in connection with this investment. He only learned the news very recently, last October. A stroke of bad luck who completely stopped his hotel project. And who could block it for a while, hoping it doesn’t fall completely into the water! But what is it more precisely?

250 graves were actually unearthed from the soil of this property. However, Spain obviously applies the same procedures as France in such a case. All construction projects are stopped to allow time for a team of archaeologists to study these finds. In the meantime, the development of Gerard Pique’s luxury hotel is put on hold.

A brutal setback for the former football international

This setback is in addition to the rather inglorious period that Gerard Pique is currently experiencing. Although the project had been in development since 2015, these graves had to be discovered a few months after his separation from Shakira. Sacred twist of fate!

This cemetery of 250 graves had of course never been noticed in Malaga. Nevertheless, still according to brandit is unlikely that he has historical value. The Spanish media Hoy por hoy Málaga indeed went to question one of the archaeologists on site, a certain Alberto Cumpian. He confirmed to them that this discovery will probably not be an obstacle to the hotel project carried out by Gerard Piqué.

The luxury hotel project will be able to restart in January 2023

According to Alberto Cumpian, the tombs in question are too old and do not seem to be of any value. At the end of October 2022, he declared that the ” green light ” so that the luxury hotel project resume could be given in January 2023. To date, no news has circulated in the press regarding the potential resumption of construction work. In any case, Gerard Piqué will only have had to undergo a few months of interruption!

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