Adele would not have canceled her concerts because of the Covid, but for a personal reason

Adele would have canceled her concerts in Los Angeles because of the Covid (Los Angeles, October 24.) Getty Images

Adele has drawn the ire of her fans since she canceled her concerts in Las Vegas, claiming that half of her team had been victims of Covid-19. But several sources claim that the reasons are more related to heart problems.

This news is likely to have the effect of a bomb. On January 20, Adele posted a video on her social media, her face filled with tears, telling her fans about the cancellation of her concert series in Las Vegas. “I’m so sorry but the show is not ready,” she said, indicating that half of her team had been victims of Covid-19.

A decision taken on the eve of the first concert, which had made the fans furious. “This is unacceptable”, could we read on social networks. If the singer managed to calm the crowds, several sources indicate that the interpreter of Easy on me wouldn’t actually have canceled her concerts for the reasons she gave. But rather for problems of the heart…

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In video, Adele in tears of not being able to produce in Las Vegas

emotional battle

In a relationship with Rich Paul, the sports agent of basketball star LeBron James, Adele is currently going through difficult times in her relationship. “There are problems in heaven,” a source told The Daily Mail. New York Daily News. And another to specify in the columns of Page Six “Adele was crying and couldn’t do a single full rehearsal last month, she was constantly on the phone with Rich…screaming and sobbing, she barely rehearsed because she’s constantly in the middle of a emotional battle”. Adding: “You can’t concentrate if your head is elsewhere”. Very tormented by her love story, the singer would therefore have preferred to delay her rise on stage to better pick up the pieces with her companion, taking “a private jet from Los Angeles to go directly to Paul after his announcement.”

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According to the words of another informant who confided in the Sun, Adele’s bad mood would have quickly rubbed off on relations with the rest of her team. In particular, she would have argued with her scenographer, Esmeralda Devlin, with whom she had collaborated in 2016. Explosive disputes between the two women who would have arisen from a disagreement over artistic choices. “She was already nervous and this estrangement made her sink into a panic because she absolutely wanted everything to be perfect,” continues the source.

Since then, Adele has canceled other concerts. She will not perform at the BRIT Awards, scheduled for February 8. the Mirror indicates that the organizers are currently working to find alternative solutions to his arrival.


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