Adele isn’t the only one crying at the end of ‘My Little Love’

Adele's concert, given on CBS, is scheduled to air in early December on TMC.
CBS Screenshot Adele’s concert, given on CBS, is scheduled to air in early December on TMC.

CBS Screenshot

MUSIC – Take out the handkerchiefs. This Friday, November 19 not only marks the release of new records by Juliette Armanet and Orelsan. It is also the return of Adele, whose romantic ballads from her fourth album 30 might well shed a few tears.

Starting with his. In any case, this is what we can hear on My Little Lovethe third title of this new opus composed of fragments of conversations with her son, Angelo, which the 33-year-old British singer recorded when she tried to explain her divorce to him.

“I’m having a bad day, I’m having a very stressful day. I feel completely paranoid, I feel very stressed. Um, I’m hungover, which never helps, but I feel like today is the first day since I’ve been gone that I feel lonely,” she concludes. , while crying.

His emotional little sniffles didn’t escape anyone. Based on fan reactions on Twitter, the song left everyone more or less in the same state as Adele.

“Me, listening to the voice memo at the end of My Little Love.”

“No, but why did Adele do this to us with My Little Love.”

The hijackings are going well.

Emotion is there early in the morning.

24 million streams

Adele’s sentimental setbacks have made her trademark. However, unlike her previous albums, this one was conceived as a therapy disc, that is to say to answer the many questions of her nine-year-old child about her recent divorce with her ex-husband, the chef Simon Konecki.

“At 30, my life collapsed without warning, recently confided the singer to the 15 Grammy Awards in the columns of vogue. I feel like this album is about self-destruction, then self-reflection and self-redemption.”

The music star, who also won an Oscar for the James Bond soundtrack Sky Fall, ventures, here, in less usual formats. Not all titles are calibrated to the model of My Little Loveas evidenced by the electro sounds on Love Is A Game or the soul notes on hold-on. To see, now, if the rest will be as successful as the first single Easy On Melistened to 24 million times on Spotify on the day of its release.

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